Workplace Safety and Violence Prevention Policy


Columbia College and its employees strive to provide a safe and secure work environment. Toward this end, the College will take appropriate action against any employee who is found to have engaged in unsafe, threatening or violent behavior.


This policy applies to all employees at Columbia College.


Each employee is expected to obey safety rules and exercise caution and to use reasonable judgment in all work activities.  For safety reasons, it is the policy of the college to provide glass in all doors of occupied rooms.  As such, it is impermissible to cover the glass in any manner.

Employees must immediately report any unsafe conditions to the appropriate supervisor.  Employees who violate safety standards, who cause hazardous or dangerous situations, or fail to report, where appropriate, remedy such situations, may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

All employees and students are expected to meet the College’s standards of conduct and demonstrate courtesy and civility to co-workers, students, visitors and members of the public.  Each employee shares the responsibility for preventing possible workplace violence.  It is the policy of the College that all employees and students should be able to enjoy a safe work and learning environment free from all forms of violence, verbal or physical.

Employees who feel they are being provoked or harassed by co-workers should discuss the problem with their supervisor, Executive Director of Human Resources, or the Director of Campus Safety.

Any employee who receives a threat of violence by a co-worker or other person, or any employee who hears, observes, reads or otherwise becomes aware of a threat by any employee or another person against him/herself or a co-worker, whether such threat is direct or implied, should immediately report the fact of such threat to his or her supervisor, the Executive Director of Human Resources or the Director of Campus Safety.

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