Residence Hall Health and Safety Inspection Policy


To ensure the safety of the entire residential hall community, all residence hall rooms will be inspected regularly for Health and Safety compliance.


This policy applies to all Day Campus students residing in residence halls at Columbia College.  


In order to have a safe and healthy environment in the residence halls, it is important that each resident maintain certain safety standards. The hall staff will check each residence hall room twice each semester to make sure these standards are being practiced by all. The date and approximate time of the safety checks will be posted in the hall. Residents will have at least 24 hours’ notice.

The following safety guidelines will be checked:

  1. Electrical outlets should not be overloaded.
  2. If extension cords are used, they should not be under rugs or pinched by any object.
  3. Heating units should be kept clear.
  4. Hot plates, microwaves, small ovens, etc. (anything with an open flame or exposed heating element), are not allowed in the rooms. If you are unsure, contact your Area Coordinator for clarification.
  5. Cooking utensils, plates, cups, glasses, etc., should be kept clean.
  6. Trash cans should be emptied daily.
  7. Refrigerators must be clean with no perishable foods remaining.
  8. The floor should not be cluttered with clothing, trash, etc.
  9. The bathrooms should be clean.
  10. Empty beverage containers (cans, bottles, etc.) should not be in the room.
  11. Extension cords must be UL-approved, heavy duty extension cords.
  12. Smoke detectors should be operational.
  13. Any policy violation existing in the room will be noted in an incident report and submitted to the Area Coordinator.

Additional requirements for Cougar Village during winter break:

  1. Fire extinguisher must be in place and not tampered with.
  2. Refrigerator must be cleaned out with no perishable foods remaining.
  3. Cabinets with plumbing should be left open to prevent freezing.
  4. All faucets should be turned on to allow a trickle of water to flow and prevent freezing.
  5. The heat should be left on but turned down to 50 degrees.

If a room fails to meet all safety and health standards, the student(s) will be given 24 hours to correct the problem(s). If the room does not meet safety and health standards when re-checked, disciplinary action may result.

Additionally, Cougar Village apartments will be inspected once per week by Residential Life staff to ensure the safety and integrity of the living environment. A weekly inspection time will be set at the beginning of each semester.

The following safety guidelines will be checked:

  1. Smoke detectors are operational.
  2. Fire extinguisher is in its proper location and fully charged.
  3. Refrigerator and freezer are clean and food is unspoiled.
  4. Telephone (primary emergency alert system) is operational.
  5. No items are being stored in the water heater closet.
  6. Apartment is clean and free of pests.
  7. Furniture is in good condition.
  8. Bathrooms, kitchens and common spaces are clean.

If an apartment does not meet safety and health standards, disciplinary action may result.

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