Posting on College Property Policy


Important and useful information can be shared via posting on College owned or controlled property consistent with the guidelines set forth in the policy. 


This policy applies to all College employees, students, affiliates, contractors, visitors and any other party who desires to post materials or information on College owned or controlled property.


Bulletin Boards in Designated Areas

Posters, signs, information, notices or other materials may be posted on College bulletin boards or in designated areas, provide that:

  • Pre-approval must be obtained from the Office of Student Affairs for posting on bulletin boards not located in residence halls
  • Pre-approval by the residence hall coordinator and/or the Office of Student Affairs must be obtained for posting on bulletin boards in residence halls

Other Areas

  • No posters, signs, materials, notices, other information or other articles shall be posted, pasted, nailed, taped, stapled, or otherwise attached to any part of the interior or exterior (including windows and doors) of College owned or controlled buildings property, including but not limited to light posts, telephone poles, trees, trash receptacles, automobile windshields, etc.

Sponsoring Organization

  • The sponsoring organization or entity must be identified on all postings.

Placing and Removing Posted Material

  • Postings shall be put up no more than one month prior to the event.  After the event, the entity or organization who posted the material is responsible for removing the same within forty eight (48) hours.

Classroom chalkboards or whiteboards

  • The College recognizes that student organizations, professors and others regularly use chalkboards, whiteboards, etc. for educational purposes. Recognized student organizations may use classroom boards to post materials (this includes use of chalk or non-permanent erasable markers) if the professor using the classroom during the time the messaging appears on the chalkboard or whiteboard approves such use of the chalkboards or whiteboards.
  • At the end of the approving professor’s time to use the classroom, the material should be removed by the student organization unless permission is given by the next professor utilizing the classroom. Anyone using chalkboards or whiteboards in classrooms during non-class times should erase the boards when they vacate the classrooms.


  • A violation of this policy or any unauthorized posting may cause damage to College property and may be considered an act of vandalism and shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary and/or legal consequences.
  • Postings that are contrary to the best interests of the College, offensive or that violate any College policy shall be removed.
  • No postings by outside third parties are permitted without prior approval.


  • To seek prior approval of a posting or for questions regarding this policy please contact

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