Student Rights and Responsibilities Policy


Columbia College desires for each student to have a fulfilling and rewarding time at the College and by choosing to attend the College, each student accepts responsibility for promoting the College community’s welfare by adhering to the Rights and Responsibilities Policy and all College Policies. Failure to do so may result in response from the College up to and including separation from the College.


This policy applies to all Columbia College students, including future, present, and former.


Below are the Rights and Responsibilities of Columbia College students:

  • Students have the right to access accurate and clearly-stated information relating to acceptable academic standing, graduation requirements, and individual course requirements.
  • In all academic evaluations, students have the right to fair and impartial treatment.
  • The College will not interfere with students' rights to join associations which promote their common interests. However, student organizations which are officially recognized by the College are subject to the policies and regulations established by the College.
  • Students have the right to freely discuss, speak, write, and exchange ideas and opinions on any subject in a civil and respectful manner.
  • Students and recognized student groups have the right to use the facilities of the College as long as established rules and procedures are followed.
  • Students are free to engage in peaceful and orderly protest demonstrations as long as established rules and procedures are followed and as long as they do not disrupt the functions of the College or violate the rights of others.
  • Students have the right to appeal a grade or disciplinary action by following the procedures established for each.
  • Day students have the right to participate actively in student government.
  • Students have the right to discuss problems and concerns with appropriate College officials, free from duress or fear of retribution.
  • Students are responsible for all information contained in the Student Handbook, the Columbia College catalog, the Online Policy Library and other relevant publications and policies of the College.
  • Students are responsible for initiating action when necessary to secure their rights.
  • Students are responsible for their actions. While students have the right to select from alternatives, they must also recognize the responsibility that freedom implies and accept the consequences that result from their selections.
  • CougarMail is the official means of communication for the College, and students are responsible for information sent to this account. It is expected that students check CougarMail regularly.
  • Columbia College students, faculty, and staff are responsible for carrying their Columbia College ID while on campus.

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