Inclement Weather Policy


Columbia College recognizes that adverse weather condition can impact College operations. While every attempt is made to maintain normal operations and services for the benefit of students, faculty, and staff, it may occasionally be necessary to curtail specific operations within the College due to inclement weather conditions.


This policy applies to the entire College community.


In the event of weather conditions or other unexpected events impacting normal operation of the College, the President of the College or their designee will decide which operations may be curtailed due to the  weather conditions, as well as when normal operations will resume. The official announcement will be carried on most radio and television stations, social media outlets, and will be posted on the College website and on the (573) 875-SHUT [(573) 875-7488)] phone line.

Closing of nationwide venues due to inclement weather will be determined by the venue director and approved by the Senior Vice President or designee. Official announcements will be carried on local radio and television stations, social media outlets, and will be posted on the College website for that particular campus location.

In the event of an official closing of the College or functions due to weather conditions, staff members regularly scheduled for work during the closed period at the affected department or function will not suffer loss of earnings due to the curtailed operations.

Unless the College is officially closed, full-time and part-time staff unable to report to work due to weather will have the absence charged to accrued vacation or unpaid leave of absence.

Staff members on leave of absence without pay will receive no compensation, and staff members on vacation or other paid leave will not be granted additional time off.

Staff members may leave early only at the discretion of their immediate supervisor or their designee. All time lost from work may be charged to accrued vacation (if applicable) or made up during the standard work week.

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