Time Limit for Completing Undergraduate Degree Policy


The purpose of the policy is to define any time limitation that may be placed on a student receiving an undergraduate degree. While there are no specific time limits for completing bachelor’s degrees, undergraduates should note that departments change their major requirements in accordance with the development of their fields. These changes are reflected in the undergraduate catalog.


This policy applies to all undergraduate College students.


There is no time limit for a student to complete an undergraduate degree. However, a student has only eight years to complete their degree program under the requirements outlined in the undergraduate catalog under which they began with Columbia College. After eight years they must move to the degree requirements of a newer undergraduate catalog. Students have the option of changing to the degree program requirements of any newer catalog, regardless of the number of years they have attended Columbia College.

Students who are enrolled in the Service-members Opportunity College (SOC) Program are exempt from the eight-year limitation.

The responsibility for understanding and meeting graduation requirements rests entirely with the student. Students must also understand that some departmental changes to specific requirements, prerequisites, etc. may affect their undergraduate degree program.

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