Additional Employee Benefits Policy


Columbia College provides a broad and competitive range of benefits in order to promote the health and general well-being of its workforce. In addition to typical employee benefits, Columbia College offers various other benefits to its employees.


This policy applies to all employees at Columbia College.  


Parking Permits

All employees are entitled to free parking, on a space available basis, in designated lots on campus, provided their vehicle(s) is registered with the Campus Safety Office. All vehicles parked on campus by employees, must be registered. Parking permits will be issued during the new employee orientation session. Columbia College is not responsible for damage to vehicles.

Cultural Events and College Activities

Each employee and his/her guest may attend most Columbia College events free of charge or at a reduced rate by requesting complimentary tickets in advance.

Recreational Facilities

The College recreational or fitness facilities, athletic fields, and gymnasium are available to employees and their families during designated hours. Children must be accompanied by a parent when using the facilities. Requests to reserve facilities or to use facilities at other times should be submitted to the Athletic Facilities Manager.

Technology Equipment Loan

Equipment that may be check out through Technology Services:

For faculty/staff checkout:  

  • Laptops
  • ATT Cards
  • Mice
  • Projectors
  • Portable projection screens
  • Interwrite PRS  
  • Microphone (with cable)
  • PowerPoint Clicker

For student, faculty, and staff checkout: 

  • Digital camera (from computer lab)
  • Video camera (from computer lab)
  • Tripod (from computer lab)  

All requests for equipment must be related to the needs and mission of the College.  The following conditions for reservation and use of college equipment apply:

  1. Approval by the Administrative Council member, or designate, to borrow equipment.  Directors and Faculty are not required to have approval.
  2. Equipment is checked out to an individual (not department).  The individual who signs for the equipment takes full responsibility for the care, protection, and return of that equipment.
  3. Equipment may be checked out for one week (7 days) or less.  Any check out longer than that requires the approval of the CIO, or designate.
  4. Extension of time frames need to be approved by Technology Services and should be requested as soon as the user is aware of the need for extension.  An extension beyond the maximum borrow time of one week is generally not approved, but will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the CIO.  
  5. Users may be personally responsible to repair or replace any damaged, lost, and/or stolen equipment.  It is required that the Technology Solutions Center be notified immediately regarding the status of lost/stolen/damaged equipment.
  6. Users may be personally responsible to pay for any connection charges that are incurred, including “roaming”, “international”, or other charges associated with the AT&T Cellular cards and cellular phones.  
  7. All items are available on a first come first served basis. It is highly recommended that reservations are made as far in advance as possible to ensure the desired equipment is available.
  8. All users checking out college equipment are required to review and follow the Columbia College Acceptable Use Policy. 
  9. All equipment that is checked out must be for use related to official college business.

To reserve equipment for purposes in line with the above, or to inquire of availability of equipment, users should contact the Technology Solutions Center at (800) 321-2391 ext. 4357 or (573) 875-4357 or

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