Revocation of Degree Policy


Columbia College’s award of degrees and academic credit is its certification of student achievement. This policy affirms the right of the College to revoke a previously awarded degree due to subsequent discovery of misconduct. 


This policy applies to all individuals who have been awarded a degree from the College.  


Degree(s) awarded by the College may be revoked for fraud, misrepresentation, or other violation of standards of conduct for students in obtaining the degree, or for other serious violations committed by a student prior to graduation. The process to revoke a degree is separate from the conduct process.  

The Office of Student Conduct, the Office of Internal Review, a Dean, or a designee of the aforementioned personnel can make the recommendation for a revocation of degree to the Provost. If the recommendation to revoke a student’s degree is the result of a conduct investigation, the student will be notified of the recommendation at the conclusion of the conduct process. If the student has graduated, with no current involvement with the college, the student will be notified of the recommendation of revocation by mail sent to the last known address on file.  

The student will be contacted by the Office of the Provost and given the opportunity to be heard on the matter. If the student chooses not to respond within 30 business days, a decision will be made without input from the student.  

The Provost will contact the student in writing with the outcome. If the student is not satisfied with the outcome that is made, the student has 30 days to appeal the decision upon notification. If a student chooses to appeal, they must submit a formal appeal in writing to the Office of the President. The President’s decision is final and cannot be appealed.  

If a decision to revoke a degree is finalized, the Registrar will be notified of the decision. The Registrar will then send letters to venues that received the original transcripts to show that a degree has been revoked.  

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