Acceptable Computing Use Policy


The computing resources at Columbia College support the academic and administrative activities of the College for students and employees.  Use of College computing resources for academic and administrative objectives and activities takes precedence over personal uses.  Use of any College computing resource is considered a privilege, and all users are expected to adhere to the following acceptable use policy.  This policy applies to any person or organization utilizing College computing resources. 


This policy applies to any user of College computing resources. 


For purposes of this policy, College “computing resources” include but are not limited to all computers, networks, voice, video, email, and other applications.

All users of College computing resources must adhere to the following: 

  • Ensure the security and confidentiality of all College data and information and immediately report any potential data or security breach to the College’s Chief Information Officer.
  • College technology resources shall not be used for commercial purposes unless authorized by the College in advance.
  • It is prohibited to use College computing system/network resources to store, access or send material that is obscene, illegal, discriminatory, intended to defame, bully or harass others, or to interfere with another’s use of computing resources. 
  • It is prohibited to share College login credentials with others or to log in using another user’s credentials.  All users are responsible for activities carried out with the use of their credentials.
  • Comply with all Columbia College policies and federal, state, local and other applicable laws and regulations including copyright regulations.
  • Intentional unauthorized use is prohibited, including any modification or disruption to computing resources and/or systems.

Employee Network Storage

Electronic files are stored in locations that can be accessed either locally on the individual computer hard drive or in College network folders.   Each authorized user is provided with a network account with access to a personal home folder and to an assigned shared College directory.   In addition, all users have access to an open share drive for the purpose of allowing collaboration between departments. 

I: Drive – Personal Home Folder that is stored on the College Network

  • It is not acceptable to store personal files on Columbia College network drives.  This includes, but is not limited to: documents, spreadsheets, photos, music, etc.  Exceptions are made for those files that are used for college related purposes.

W: Drive – Open share that is stored on the College Network

  • Items stored on the W: drive should never contain student information or other confidential information.  For more information concerning confidential student information search FERPA for Staff in myPortal or call the Registrar at extension 7668.
  • The W: drive is to be used for short-term storage.  The contents of the W: drive will be deleted each Sunday evening at 11 p.m. by Technology Services staff.

Z:  Drive – Assigned shared directory on the College Network

  • Employees are responsible for identifying files that are no longer required as determined by their supervisor.  Obsolete files should be moved or purged from the network drives at least quarterly.

T:  Drive – Assigned shared directory on the College Network

  • Employees are responsible for identifying files that are no longer required as determined by their supervisor.  Obsolete files should be moved or purged from the network drives at least quarterly.

Rules Governing All College Network Storage

  • Network storage is to be used for College business, including academic pursuits.  Network storage is not to be used to store personal music files, picture or movie files, games or any other media file associated with entertainment unless there is a specific business/academic use. 
  • No materials governed by copyright laws unless permitted by the owner are to be stored on network storage.  
  • Users must refrain from unethical or irresponsible uses of computing resources and may be held personally responsible for misuse of College computing resources.

Right to Monitor and Disciplinary Actions

The College is a private institution and reserves the right to monitor network use either at random or for cause.  Noncompliance with College policy may result in termination of user access, in addition to other disciplinary action.

Remote Access (for computers not owned by the College)

College faculty and staff may receive access to certain software or network systems to be used from their personal computers when needed for business use.  These programs/resources include, but are not limited to Colleague, WebFocus, Onbase, Raiser’s Edge, TargetX, and College network drives.  In order to access any of these software systems outside of the college network, VPN Client Software must be installed on the computer that will be used.

Faculty and Staff may request the appropriate software, including VPN Client, by completing the Request for Remote Access (available in myPortal) and having the appropriate approval from their supervisor.  Supervisors must confirm that remote access to the requested software is required for the individual to perform their job duties.

In accordance with Columbia College policy personal computers used for business purposes must have anti-virus software installed and the virus definitions must be kept up-to-date.  Free antivirus software can be downloaded from myPortal. 

Important Note:  In accordance with federal privacy laws and other College policies, no confidential information, student information, or personally identifiable information is permitted to be copied and/or stored on personal computers, laptops, PDAs, electronic devices, or thumb drives, etc.  Reports of any potential loss of this information should immediately be reported to the Chief Technology Officer.

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