Proof of High School Diploma or Equivalent Policy


The purpose of the policy is to provide guidance to those students who have been requested to demonstrate proof of a high school diploma or equivalent as part of the FAFSA verification.


This policy applies to all students receiving financial aid at Columbia College who have been selected for FAFSA verification.


If the financial aid office requests that a student provide documentation of a high school diploma (or equivalent), a student should submit one of the following to the Office of the Registrar: an official college academic transcript with 60 transferable hours OR an official copy of high school transcript OR an official copy of GED OR documentation of homeschooling. Students who enrolled in an eligible college program before July 1, 2012, also have the option to submit an official college transcript with six hours of transfer credit.

Students who are required to submit documentation of high school completion for verification purposes should submit documentation matching the self-reported data on the FAFSA high school completion question. For example, if a student reported on the FAFSA that the high school completion was the GED test, the student should provide documentation of GED completion.

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