Employer Recruitment Policy


The Grossnickle Career Services Center at Columbia College makes facilities and services available to employing organizations with full-time, part-time or summer jobs; or internships. It is important that employers using campus facilities under this policy will interact with students, alumni, and staff in a professional and ethical manner. The following policy governs the manner in which employers may use the Grossnickle Career Services Center to access candidates, in keeping with the mission and purpose of the Center and Columbia College.


The following policy applies to all employing organizations participating in on-campus and off-campus recruiting programs and events organized by the Grossnickle Career Services Center.


Employer Eligibility  

The Grossnickle Career Services Center serves organizations employing volunteers, part-time, full-time, internship, temporary and permanent positions.

Non-Discrimination Policy 

Columbia College is an equal opportunity employer and educator. In order for employing organizations to participate in any Grossnickle Career Services Center event or activity, employing organizations must adhere to the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) standards. In accordance with federal and state law, Columbia College prohibits unlawful discrimination against a job applicant, employee, volunteer, or intern because of the person's race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, disability status, genetics, protected veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local laws.   

Professional Conduct 

The Grossnickle Career Services Center requires employers and recruiting organizations to adhere and refer to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Principles for Professional Conduct


The Grossnickle Career Services Center reviews each employing organization profile and job posting submitted to determine if the posting is appropriate for the College community.   The Grossnickle Career Services Center does not guarantee that a submission will be endorsed, represented or listed on the College website, on social media, or approved for use on the online job posting database.

Right of Refusal  

The Grossnickle Career Services Center reserves the right to use discretionary judgment based on an organizations circumstances when determining whether to further grant or limit access beyond this policy, up to and including the right to refuse service to the organization.   

Job Posting Information 

Compensation and Postings:

The Grossnickle Career Services Center’s services are open to employers. . The job description’s compensation details must clearly state how the employee will be compensated, including if a position is 100 percent commission or if it includes a base salary (if partially commission-based) and if detailed compensation information is not provided, the position will not be posted.  

The Career Center will not post job opportunities that are fee based. Internship postings must clearly state if it is a paid or unpaid internship. Every employer with wage-based positions must comply with minimum wage rates set forth by the local, state, and federal government and the United States Department of Labor's Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). 

Other considerations in refusing a job posting may include: 

  • Employee bears financial responsibility for required supplies, equipment or training 
  • Compensation is 100 percent commission
  • Company practices door-to-door and/or an aggressive sales model
  • Employee promotes ownership opportunities for branch or franchise 
  • Company promotes multi-level marketing tactics 
  • Position takes place at a private residence.   
  • Positions that call for students to act in roles such as Campus Brand Ambassadors, Campus Managers/Reps and/or Campus Marketing Assistants – or any other position that is similar.  

Approval for all roles are subject to the discretion of the Director of Career Services.

Incomplete/False/Unfounded Employer Information 

In order to post a position through Grossnickle Career Services Center, employers must provide specific information about their organization, including a valid website, a non-residential address, a commercial email address and a detailed organization description. Employers and recruiters unable to identify themselves as a legitimate organization may be rejected/deleted from the system. 

Contact Information

Questions about Employer Services? Contact Grossnickle Career Services Center:

Columbia College
Missouri Hall Room 219
1001 Rogers St.
Columbia, MO 65216

Email: CareerServices@CCIS.edu
Phone: (573) 875-7425

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