Residence Hall Facilities and Furnishings Policy


This policy provides rules and procedures for facilities, furnishings, decorations, and non-permitted items within the residence hall.


This policy applies to all Day Campus students residing in residence halls at Columbia College.  


Kitchen Facilities

Use the kitchenette in your hall for all cooking related activities, as health and safety regulations prohibit cooking elsewhere. The one exception is that coffee pots with an internal heating element may be used in resident rooms with permission of the roommate so long as it is being monitored at all times. All halls have microwaves and toasters available for student use. Food may not be left unattended and will be discarded if found. Students who use these facilities are responsible for their upkeep. Dirty dishes may not be left in or around the kitchen areas and will be discarded by staff if found. Food kept in hall refrigerators must be labeled with name and date and may not remain longer than one week. Any food violating this policy or presenting the potential of a health risk will be discarded. If this policy is abused, Residential Life reserves the right to suspend access to the refrigerator and/or kitchenettes.

Laundry Facilities

Students may do their laundry in facilities located in each hall. There is no cost to residence hall students to do their laundry. However, non-residential students (including guests of residents) are NOT allowed to wash or dry their clothes in these facilities, or have their clothes included in a resident’s load. No exceptions are made. Residents who allow their guests to use the facilities will be subject to disciplinary action and a $50.00 charge. In addition, guests who violate this policy will be prohibited from visiting the residence halls.

The washing machines are high efficiency and require the use of high efficiency liquid detergent only (powder detergent and 3-in-1 laundry sheets are prohibited as they damage the machines). In the event of equipment malfunction, students should put a sign on the machine to inform others and report the problem to the Area Coordinator, Head Resident, and/or the Resident Assistant so that repairs might be expedited. Note: our policy is that students stay with their laundry at all times to ensure the safety of all belongings. Columbia College is not responsible for the damage or loss of any item for any reason.

Laundry machines are equipped with Laundry Alert which can help students identify when machines are available or when a load has been completed. Students should see information posted in the laundry rooms.

Study Lounges

Study lounges/areas have been provided by Residential Life to support the academic goals of the residents. While these spaces may be used for recreational activities from time to time, the priority must always remain academic. Therefore, if a resident wishes to use the space to study, any residents not using it for that purpose must make appropriate accommodations.

Lounge Furniture

It is the policy of Residential Life that all furniture purchased and designated for the common areas shall remain in the common areas. The furniture is not to be taken by students to their rooms for their personal use. Failure to comply with this policy may result in disciplinary action.

Room Furniture

No room furnishings are to be removed from a student’s room for any reason. Students will be assessed for full replacement cost of any missing items at check-out. Further, students face disciplinary action for the removal of room furniture. This policy makes no exception for persons who find themselves in a single room situation.


Waterbeds are not permitted in the residence halls or Cougar Village. Beds may not be lofted or suspended (bed risers or any other lifts). A small number of college owned loft frames may be available on a seniority basis. Students interested should look for an email with more information during the first week of classes.


Refrigerators larger than 4.6 cubic feet are not allowed in the residence halls because of difficulties with storage, excessive electrical loads, and damage to rooms and hallways as a result of moving. Note: Refrigerators may not be locked at any time, even during break periods. Any resident who violates this policy may have their refrigerator privileges revoked.


Telephones are provided in some community locations by the college. Long distance service is not provided on telephones in the residence halls. However, students can use calling cards or personal cell phones to make long distance calls. For more information contact Columbia College Technology Services at (573) 875-7312.

Sound and Musical Equipment

Musical instruments and sound equipment such as speakers, stereos, TVs, etc., may be played as long as they do not infringe upon the rights of others. We strongly encourage the use of headphones. The repeated use of musical and sound equipment in which the volume exceeds acceptable levels can result in disciplinary action. The student may be required to remove the equipment from the residence hall. Note: Sound equipment is for the benefit of the resident’s room only and may not be directed and/or played out of a residence hall window.

Vending Machine

Vending machines are located in each residence hall. The machines are serviced and owned by private companies. Requests for refunds should be in writing and given to Plant and Facilities in St. Clair Hall, Room 4. Include a name, room number, date and amount lost on the written request.

Candles and Incense

Candles (with or without wicks), incense, oil lamps, oil/wax diffusers that sit on lightbulbs or other items with the capability of an open flame or burning ember are not permitted in any residence hall and are subject to confiscation and forfeiture.

Smoke Detectors

All rooms are equipped with battery-operated smoke detectors. For the students’ protection and that of other residents, students shall keep the smoke detectors in working order. Students may obtain new batteries from the Area Coordinator.

Note: Smoke detectors are there for the student’s protection and will be checked five times a year. Dismantling them will result in disciplinary action.

Bathroom Locks

Suite-style bathrooms in Hughes and Miller Halls can be locked from both the inside and outside for students safety. However, when not in use, the interior locks leading into each suite should be unlocked to prevent suitemates from being locked out of their bathroom. Failure to unlock the bathrooms will result in a non-compliance rule violation.

Windows, Screens, and Doors

The area surrounding the residence hall windows, screens and frames, are constructed to keep people, objects and litter from falling out and to keep people and insects from getting in. It is for these reasons of health, safety and security that the following guidelines exist:

  1. Throwing objects from the window is prohibited. Residents assigned to a room from which an object is thrown will be considered in violation of the policy.
  2. Tampering with or taking out windows, screens and/or doors is prohibited. Only college maintenance personnel have authorization to do so. Residents who violate this policy will be immediately referred to the conduct process. Residents will be charged the cost of repair to any window/door area material.
  3. Displays in residence hall windows are strictly prohibited unless part of a college-sanctioned activity or program in which specific guidelines and rules will be issued.
  4. The balcony doors in Miller Hall can only be used during times of emergency. Use or propping open of these doors during non-emergency times will result in disciplinary action. Balcony doors may not be blocked.


Pets and/or animals are not permitted in the residence halls with the exception of fish. The fish tank capacity must not exceed 10 gallons.

Room Decorations

Residential Life encourages individual expression through room decorations. However, concern for safety of college property has required some guidelines for decorations. Note: These guidelines apply to residents of Cougar Village as well.

Residents are not permitted to hang items from their ceiling or from the fire suppression system — this includes plants, parachutes, blankets, etc.

  • Wood paneling is not permitted.
  • Double-sided carpet tape is prohibited. It is difficult to remove and often results in students incurring additional charges.
  • Students are not permitted to put nails, screws or hooks into woodwork, walls or ceilings.
  • Residents will be asked to remove any offensive or inappropriate materials, although Residential Life also reserves the right to remove potentially offensive items without notice. Examples include but are not limited to: nudity/provocative photos and posters, promotions or advertisements involving alcohol or other drugs, offensive or derogatory language, etc.
  • Decals, bumper stickers and contact paper may not be affixed to college property.
  • It is recommended that masking tape be utilized to hang posters and pictures. Sticky-tack putty can cause significant paint damage and should not be used.
  • The use of steel tipped dart boards in rooms often leads to damage; therefore, no dartboards are allowed.
  • Do not open or remove window screens.
  • Balcony doors in Miller Hall are to remain shut at all times unless in an emergency, and may not be blocked by items in the room.
  • For questions regarding the appropriateness of decorations, students should contact the Area Coordinator for the residence hall.
  • Students will be assessed for any and all damages to college property.


All types of explosives, including firecrackers, gasoline, propane and other combustible materials, are prohibited in the residence halls.


As a safety precaution weapons, including but not limited to firearms, air guns, bows and arrows, dart guns, ammunition, swords, hatchets, Tasers, and other types of potentially dangerous weapons or equipment are not permitted in residence halls or anywhere on the Columbia College campus. Violation of this policy will result in disciplinary actions.

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Columbia College prohibits the manufacture, possession, use, distribution, and sale of alcohol and controlled and/or illicit substances by Columbia College students in all residence halls and anywhere on the Columbia College campus. Please refer to the Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy for further details.

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