Residence Hall Quiet Hour Policy


The purpose of this policy is to promote a residence hall environment where students may live, sleep, and study without disruption from noise.


This policy applies to all Day Campus students residing in residence halls at Columbia College.  


Quiet hours are defined as the period during which each resident or guest shall have the responsibility of ensuring that their noise level, whether indoors or outdoors, does not disturb any other resident in the hall. There should be no shouting, screaming, loud talking or singing, loud playing of sound equipment, disruptive behavior or other noisemaking activities that would distract from the quiet of the hall. Social interaction is anticipated and encouraged, but each person will have the responsibility of ensuring quiet within the hall. Room doors and lounge doors should be closed during noisy activity. If a stereo, television, or other noise is loud to the point where it can be heard in adjoining rooms, it is, in most cases, too loud. Quiet hours are in effect until release hours begin and end. These are:

Sunday – Thursday: 10pm-10am

Friday – Saturday: 12am-12pm.

Please note that 24-hour courtesy hours are in effect at all times. This means that any time a staff member or fellow student requests that things be quieter, students must comply or face disciplinary action.

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