Cooperative Cross-Enrollment Policy


The purpose of this policy is to facilitate Main Campus Day students’ educational needs when a desired course or its equivalent is not available at the home institution during the semester of enrollment.


This policy applies to all Main Campus Day Students at Columbia College.


Columbia College participates with the University of Missouri-Columbia and Stephens College in a cooperative cross-enrollment program. The intent of the program is to facilitate students’ educational needs when a desired course or its equivalent is not available at the home institution during the semester of enrollment. Students must meet the course prerequisites prescribed and all coursework must be for academic credit.

Enrollment is on a space-available basis on the first day of classes during the Fall and Spring/Winter semesters on the Columbia, Missouri campuses of the respective institutions. Each institution reserves the right to close courses in certain programs to cross enrollment and to prohibit its students from enrolling in courses in designated programs at the other institutions. Tuition will be paid at the student’s home institution at the home institution rate. Each institution will waive the admission application fee.

To be eligible to enroll in the Cooperative Cross-Enrollment Program, Columbia College students must:

  • Be enrolled as full-time, degree-seeking undergraduate Day Program students (includes hours taken at both the home and host institution) during the semester of cross-enrollment.
  • Be in good academic standing. Students who are dismissed for low academic achievement from one Cooperative institution and subsequently accepted at another Cooperative institution may not cross-register at the institution of dismissal until they are eligible for readmission.
  • Receive the approval of the appropriate faculty advisor.
  • Receive the approval of the Registrar.

Students shall be subject to the rules, regulations, and standards of conduct of the institution offering the course during the time of actual attendance.

Students must be in good financial standing at the cooperating institution in order for a transcript showing course grades and credits earned to be sent to the parent institution.

No earlier than two weeks prior to classes starting:

  • Columbia College students should send an email to with their name, ID number and the class(es) they wish to take at MU or Stephens.
  • The Office of the Registrar will determine eligibility and return to the student the completed and signed Cooperative Cross Enrollment Form along with detailed instructions for registering at MU or Stephens.
  • Eligible students will take the required forms to MU or Stephens and register for classes on the host institution’s first day of classes (MU allows registration beginning the Friday before classes start. The earliest visiting students can register at Stephens is on the first day of class.)
  • Once the student has registered at the host institution, they will return the signed Cooperative Cross Enrollment Form and verification of registration at the host institution, to Columbia College’s Office of the Registrar via email at Registrar’s staff will then register the student in the placeholder course(s) at Columbia College.

Students may also request library privileges at Ellis Library on the University of Missouri-Columbia campus, participate in University of Missouri-Columbia study abroad programs and may use Education Career Services at University of Missouri-Columbia.

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