Notification of Financial Aid Status and Awards Policy


The purpose of this policy is to inform individuals about how Columbia College's Financial Aid Office will notify students regarding their financial aid status.


This policy applies to all applicants and students seeking financial aid at Columbia College.


College email addresses are assigned to all Columbia College applicants (see Resources). The Financial Aid Office corresponds with students primarily via email regarding the status of their financial aid application and notification of financial aid estimated awards. Correspondence sent via email is not sent via postal mail. Students should check their College email on a regular basis and are responsible for information sent even when school is not in session.

Students may access their financial aid award estimate(s) through myPortal. The financial aid electronic award notifications and associated links in the notification discuss eligibility requirements and other important information. Students should carefully review their electronic award notifications and are responsible to read and understand all included information. Students should accept or decline the aid that is offered to them through the electronic award notification process. Students must provide documentation if they are receiving an outside form of financial assistance not listed in the award notification.

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