Residence Hall Non-Motorized Vehicle Storage Policy


The purpose of this policy is to outline the use and storage of non-motorized vehicles for Day Campus students residing in residence halls.


This policy applies to all Day Campus students residing in residence halls at Columbia College.  


Residents may store a bicycle in their room with the written permission of their roommate. All bikes must be taken home each summer (unless residents are staying in summer housing).

Bicycles parked in racks may only be parked vertically to utilize the minimum amount of space. Campus Safety reserves the right to remove all bicycles left unattended at the residence hall one week after the conclusion of each spring semester.

Please review the Campus Safety policy regarding parking of Mopeds and Scooters on campus. Additionally, please review the skateboarding policy as skateboarding is not allowed on campus. Hoverboards and other similar devices are not permitted to be used or stored on campus due to the risk they pose as a fire hazard.

Please refer to the non-motorized and small motorized vehicles policy for more details.

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