Visitor Policy


The safety and wellbeing of the Columbia College community, including students, faculty, staff, and visitors are of paramount importance.  Accordingly, this policy sets forth guidelines and expectations for behavior and conduct while on College owned or controlled property. 


This policy applies to all individuals, including visitors and groups, present on College owned or controlled property.   


Access to College owned or controlled property shall primarily be limited to students, employees and their visitors or guests for the purposes of study, work, teaching and conducting or attending other College business or activities.  The College is a private institution and, as such, reserves the right to lawfully restrict or prohibit access to College owned or controlled property and to prohibit certain individuals from being present on College owned or controlled property at any time at its discretion.

All individuals – visitors and others – present on College owned or controlled property shall conduct themselves in accordance with the law, College policies, as well as in a manner that maintains a safe environment.  Conduct including, but not limited to, intentional or negligent disruption of the operations of the College, excess noise, threats, harassment, hate speech, physical abuse, intimidation, endangerment to the health or safety of any person or property, or unauthorized entry into, obstruction of, or occupation of any College owned or controlled property is prohibited and shall be deemed a violation of this policy.

If an individual engages in behavior or conduct that is inconsistent with this policy or any other College policy or that is otherwise inconsistent with the best interests of the College, the individual will be asked to refrain from such conduct and may be asked to vacate College owned or controlled property at once.  Failure to adhere to this request may result in law enforcement being summoned to take appropriate action, including possible removal for trespassing.

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