Student Field Trip Policy


Student field trips can help serve an important role in experiential learning.  In order to promote the success and safety of all individuals involved with field trips, Columbia College has established this policy and related procedures. 


This policy applies to all individuals involved in College sanctioned field trips.



  1. Field Trip: for purposes of this policy this term means any excursion during which College students travel off the College campus that is part of a College course or that is organized or sanctioned by the Division of Student Affairs or other College office or department.  Field trips do not include internships, education abroad, service learning assignments for individual students, or on-campus excursions.
  2. Sponsor: for purposes of this policy this term means the faculty member or other College official with ultimate responsibility for field trip and participants.

Guidelines for Field Trip Sponsors 

  1. All Field Trips that are required must be clearly identified as such.  If the Field Trip is part of a class activity, faculty members must include information on required field trips in the course syllabus at the beginning of the term, with detailed information about date, time, locations, means of transportation, and any fees for which the student is responsible. If an unforeseen Field Trip opportunity arises later in the school term, the faculty member should discuss it with the class and provide details as soon as reasonably possible realizing that some students may be unable to participate with late notice because of other commitments.
  2. Prior to the Field Trip, the Sponsor shall discuss with students the purpose of the Field Trip, the nature of the activity of the Field Trip, expectations for behavior during, and other relevant preparedness information.
  3. The Sponsor is responsible for ensuring compliance with College policies during the Field Trip.
  4. The Sponsor shall inform participating students that if any student may potentially need an accommodation, such a student should speak as soon as possible with the Student Accessibility Resources office (phone 573-875-7626) for information and assistance.
  5. The Sponsor and/or another official College designee must accompany all Field Trips and shall serve as the primary point of contact and coordination and be responsible for Field Trip activities.
  6. Whenever practical, the site of the Field Trip should be visited in advance by the Sponsor and/or by an appropriate College designee, to evaluate potential risks and to minimize, through effective planning, any associated potential risks.
  7. Prior to the Field Trip, the Sponsor must submit the following completed forms:
    • Field Trip Itinerary Form,
    • Field Trip Roster Form, and
    • Signed Field Trip Release and Waiver of Liability form for each participant

    The Field Trip Itinerary Form and the signed Field Trip Release form must be submitted no later than three business days prior to the Field Trip. The Field Trip Roster Form must be completed and submitted the day of the Field Trip to list all actual participants. These forms can be found on MyPortal Secure. The forms must contain complete information about the date, duration, location, and transportation plan for each Field Trip.


    The Sponsor must also provide the Campus Safety Office a roster of the names of all participating students in advance of the Field Trip, along with the names and cell phone numbers of all faculty or other College staff who are accompanying the students to. This step should be followed, in part, to aid in the event of an emergency.

Guidelines for Students

  1. Students participating in Field Trips must complete the Field Trip Release form for each Field Trip prior to participating in the activity.  Students 18 years and older can submit the Field Trip Release electronically through MyPortal. Minor students (under 18 years) must have a parent or legal guardian complete and sign the Minor Field Trip Release form located on this policy page; they can complete it electronically and submit via email to  The form may also be printed and returned in person to the front desk of Student Affairs, 215 Atkins-Holman Student Commons or by mail to Columbia College Student Affairs 1001 Rogers Street Columbia MO 65216
  2. Students participating in Field Trips are expected to conform to the same standards of behavior as published in the Student Code of Conduct. Any violation of College policies, or local, state, or federal laws may result in disciplinary action or sanctions by the College.


  1. Whenever possible, College-owned vehicles or chartered buses should be used for transportation for a Field Trip. Public transportation (e.g., regularly scheduled trains or buses) is also an appropriate means of transportation. It is recommended that privately owned vehicles not be used for transporting students on Field Trips.
  2. The use of transportation provided by the College for the Field Trip is recommended. Anyone who chooses to take alternative transportation does so at their own risk.
  3. If a privately owned vehicle is used for transportation, then additional requirements must be met. These requirements can be found in the Vehicle and Driver Policy.
  4. All drivers must meet the College requirements before being approved to drive. The requirements can be found in the Vehicle and Driver Policy.  
  5. Any traffic or parking violations are the sole responsibility of the operator of the vehicle.

Student Forms

Field Trip Release Form — for students or employees

Minor Field Trip Release Form — for students under 18

Non-Columbia College Individual Form

Non-CC Field Trip Release Form — for individuals not affiliated with Columbia College attending a CC field trip

Any questions regarding this policy may be directed to the Office of the Provost for Academic Affairs or the Director of Plant and Facilities.

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