Employment Records Policy


The College is committed to maintaining accurate and relevant information in personnel records of its employees in a secure manner. Further, federal and state laws require that certain information be gathered and maintained in personnel files. This policy provides information about employee personnel files maintained by the College in the normal course of its operations.


This policy applies to College employees.


A confidential file for each employee, including an employment application, background check information, and other pertinent information, is maintained by the Human Resources Office for all employees, with the exception of nationwide and online staff and full-time faculty. Nationwide and online staff files are maintained by the Budget and Personnel Office and full-time faculty files are maintained by the Academic Affairs Office.

These personnel files and the records and information contained therein are used, in part, for compliance with government regulations and other personnel-related matters. Information contained in personnel files is kept confidential with only authorized College personnel having access to it.

Employee personnel files are the property of the College and as such, employees are generally not automatically entitled to copies of information maintained in their personnel file. However, an employee may submit a written request to review their individual personnel records and all such requests will be reviewed by the Human Resources Office. In all situations, the College will comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding access to personnel files and records.

Employees are responsible for timely notifying and updating the Human Resources Office and the Payroll Office of changes in name, address, marital status, etc. An employee should also inform the Human Resources Office, in writing, of any significant professional achievements or educational seminars attended in order for such information to be included in their personnel file.  

Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Human Resources Office at HumanResources@CCIS.edu or via phone at (573) 875-7495. 

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