Internal Transfer and Rehire Policy


It is the philosophy of Columbia College to encourage the professional growth, development, and advancement of its employees.


This policy applies to College employees, with the exception of certain faculty.


Internal Transfer to Another Position

Employment opportunities at the College are announced and posted on the College's website and in the Human Resources Office. College employees may be eligible to apply for another internal position at the College after they have successfully completed the New Employee Introductory Period in their current position. Eligible employees can only apply for employment opportunities for which they meet the minimum qualifications.

Employees who are on probation or suspension are not eligible to apply for other employment opportunities within the College. Additionally, employees who have received formal discipline in their current position may be ineligible to apply for other employment opportunities within the College based on the individuals circumstances of the situation.

To apply for a posted job opportunity, an application form must be completed and sent to the Human Resources Department. Employees may apply for internal positions without notifying their current supervisor. However, if the employee is selected to be interviewed during the hiring process, the employee must notify their supervisor prior to the interview. An internal applicant's supervisor may be contacted as a reference.

If the employee is hired for the new position, a mutually satisfactory period of notice will be required for the employee to transition form one College department to the other.


If a former staff member is rehired after a period of any length of non-employment with the College, their status is the same of a new employee upon rehire. Certain eligibility for benefits, including vacation accrual, is based on the most recent date of hire. See the Human Resources Office for additional details.

Some former employees may be ineligible for rehire and will not be considered for rehire based on the nature and circumstances of their previous departure from the College.

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