Textbooks and Supplies Policy


Columbia College (“College”) students will have their required material provided to them. If they wish to opt out of Columbia College's Textbook Program they will have to obtain textbooks and required materials each semester. In all cases, students are expected to have the required textbooks and supplies and failure to do so may impact their ability to successfully complete coursework.

I. Columbia College Textbook Program  

As part of the cost of tuition, the College provides textbooks and required supplies for undergraduate and graduate courses. Some textbooks for courses are digital that students have access to through the College’s learning management system (D2L) no later than the Friday before the course begins, or within 24 hours of registration being finalized for the course, should the student register after the Friday before the course start date.

In the event a digital textbook is not used for the course, a printed copy of the textbook will be made available for the student. Students enrolled in online or Columbia College Global (CCG) courses will have the physical material shipped to them at least seven days before the course start date. Should the student register within 13 days of the course start date then materials will be shipped within 24 hours of registration being finalized. If a student is enrolled in an online or CCG course and they either drop the course, or if the course is cancelled, they will need to return any physical items received. Students taking courses at the College’s traditional “Day” campus venue in Columbia, Missouri will pick up physical books from the Barnes and Noble Bookstore. Day books will work under a rental model and will be required to be returned if the student drops the course or when the class is completed.

All eligible students taking a course will be automatically enrolled in the textbook program for that course. However, students have the option to opt-out of the textbook program by communicating this intent to their academic advisor (Columbia College Global - online and nationwide) or the Center for Student Success (Residential Day Campus in Columbia, MO) and submitting a completed Textbook Program Opt-out form before enrolling in courses for the semester. After communicating an intent to opt-out to their academic advisor or the Center for Student Success, the student will receive an email with a link to complete the opt-out form. Opting-out of receiving textbooks through the textbook program applies to all courses for which the student registers after opting-out. Once a student registers for at least one course for the semester, the next opportunity to opt-out is before registering for the following semester. Students who opt-out will receive a $20 per credit hour reduction off of their tuition and will be responsible for obtaining all required textbooks and supplies on their own.

Students taking courses pursuant to tuition reduction programs such as Military Tuition Assistance, the College’s Employee Educational Grant, the College’s Graduate Education Grant, dual enrollment or other similar programs who desire to opt-out should contact the Center for Student Success for further details and implications.

A student who opts-out of textbook program, but would like to reenroll in the program will have the opportunity to opt-in at the beginning of each academic year. Students who desire to opt back in at a time other than the beginning of an academic year may appeal to the Center for Student Success. Students are allowed one appeal and whether to grant the appeal is entirely at the discretion of the College.

Students may request a textbook and supply voucher by emailing SUCCESS@CCIS.edu. Students with available financial aid funds will be eligible for such vouchers to be used with the College’s on-site bookstore. These vouchers are not automatically generated and voucher requests must be initiated by a student. Students are only given the option for a voucher with financial aid funds if the student has enough financial aid to cover the student’s direct costs to the College (e.g., tuition, housing, etc.) and there is a remaining credit balance on the student’s account. Any purchases the student makes with the voucher may not exceed the amount of credit that the student has on the student’s account. The purchases made with a voucher will be charged to the student account. Students may apply for a voucher through the last day to add classes.

II. Columbia College Associates in Science, Nursing Textbook and Supply Vouchers 

Students who take Nursing courses at the College’s Lake Ozark or Columbia, Missouri locations have access to textbooks and supplies for these courses through the College’s on-site bookstore. If students are enrolled in non-nursing classes at their locations the physical textbooks for those courses will be shipped to the student.

If a student has excess in aid they may qualify for a supply voucher and can inquire by emailing SUCCESS@CCIS.edu.

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