News Media Policy


This policy was established to describe Columbia College’s position with respect to interacting with news media representatives. In order to provide clear, concise communications, all media inquiries should be channeled through the Office of Strategic Communications. For the purpose of this policy, news media shall refer to representatives of newspapers, magazines, newsletters, online publications, television and radio.


This policy applies to all members of the Columbia College community. 


The Senior Director of Strategic Communications serves as the official Columbia College (College) spokesperson and conveys the official position on matters impacting the College. Inquiries for the media about such issues should be referred to the Senior Director of Strategic Communications. Depending on the specific circumstances, the President or Senior Director of Strategic Communications may designate another College employee to serve as spokesperson on a particular issue. 

It is the responsibility of Strategic Communications to initiate and/or respond to news media requests and to manage those interactions. When an employee or department is contacted by the news media, they are required to notify Strategic Communications immediately, before providing any information or responding to questions.

A College employee or department that seeks to publicize a program, event, or achievement should first contact Strategic Communications. Strategic Communications has access to numerous news media contacts and will work with employees to coordinate publicity or visibility for programs, events or newsworthy issues. If an event attracts news media interest, all press releases and statements to the news media will be routed through and disseminated by Strategic Communications. 

While on College property, news media representatives should be accompanied by a College Strategic Communications staff member or designee. To gain access to the residence halls, news media representatives must be accompanied by a Strategic Communications staff member or designee.

The College complies with all applicable federal and state laws regarding the retention and release of personal and/or educational records of all current employees and students, and complies with all privacy and security laws including FERPA.


Questions about this policy should be directed to the College’s Assistant Vice President of Strategic Communications:

Sam Fleury
Senior Director
Strategic Communications
Office: (573) 875-7283

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