New Employee Introductory Period


The College endeavors to employ individuals who find the College to be a good fit for them and who are a good fit for the College. Accordingly, new employees are subject to a three (3) month “introductory period” during which both the employee and the College have the opportunity to evaluate the other to determine if the employee is a suitable fit for the position and the College is a suitable fit from the employee’s perspective.


This policy applies to College employees.


At the beginning of employment, each new employee should be certain they fully understand the nature of their job and the duties, expectations and responsibilities. Accordingly, each employee will receive a job description for their position that includes information about the same. If any aspect of the job is unclear, employees are encouraged to ask questions and seek clarification from their supervisor or the Human Resources Department.

At the end of the first three (3) months of employment, each employee should receive a performance evaluation from their supervisor. The employee may also receive periodic feedback and reviews before and/or after this time period.

After the three (3) month introductory period, employment may continue, the employee may terminate employment, the College may terminate employment, or the introductory period may be extended for an additional period of time, at the discretion of the supervisor.

During the first three (3) months of employment, employees are not eligible to use vacation or sick leave. If a new employee successfully completes the three (3) month introductory period, the College will credit them with vacation and sick leave earned retroactive to their start date, if applicable. In circumstances when the introductory period is extended beyond three (3) months, the employee remains ineligible to take sick and vacation leave, subject to the discretion of the employee’s supervisor, but the employee will again be credited earned vacation and sick leave earned retroactive to their start date at the end of the extended introductory period, if applicable.

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