Residence Hall Housing Requirement Policy


Living on campus has been shown to play a significant role in a student’s success. Research indicates that students living on campus generally have a higher grade point average, a higher probability of graduating from college, and generally experience a higher degree of overall satisfaction with college. The purpose of this policy is to outline on campus housing requirements for traditional campus students at Columbia College.


This policy applies to all full-time traditional campus students under 22 years of age at Columbia College.


Full-Time Students

All full-time students at the main campus with fewer than 60 semester hours completed must live on campus.

Nontraditional, Part-Time, and Graduate Students

Nontraditional students, part-time students, and graduate students at the main campus are not required to live on campus, but may submit a request to live on campus to the Director of Residential Life. Housing for nontraditional, part-time, and graduate students is dependent upon availability.

Exemptions to the Campus Housing Requirement

Full-time students at the main campus are exempt from the housing requirement if they meet one of the following exemptions:
  • Students who are married and/or living with a legal dependent. A certificate of marriage or legal document showing dependence (i.e. tax return) must be submitted in order for the exception to be granted. Columbia College does not offer married/family housing.
  • Students who are living at home with parent(s) or legal guardian(s) within a 25-mile radius of the main campus in Columbia, Missouri, where such address has been established as the sole, legal, and permanent residence of the parent(s) or legal guardian(s). Students listed as living at home with parents/legal guardians and later found living in off-campus housing not with parents/legal guardians will be assigned a room and meal plan on campus and charged accordingly.
  • Students age 22 or older by Sept. 1 for fall housing contracts or Jan. 1 for new spring housing contracts.
  • Military veterans and active-duty service members as defined by federal guidelines.

Requests to Live Off-Campus

Any student requiring an exception who does not meet one of the established housing exemptions above must submit their off-campus appeal online through the Housing Portal Secure link in MyPortal (login required) or a formal letter of appeal outlining his/her reasoning to the Director of Residential Life. Students should understand, however, that few exceptions are made given that the evidence suggests that on-campus living is a significant aspect of student academic and personal success. Also, please pay attention to the deadline for submitting appeals.

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