Wireless Access Policy


Columbia College strives to provide a reliable wireless connection throughout College premises.  As a general matter, in a wireless environment network reliability may be degraded by competing services that interfere with coverage.  The College’s goal is to maintain a reliable and secure network environment, to the extent reasonably possible, for members of the College community.  

The introduction of unauthorized networks that are prohibited by this policy pose risks to the reliability, integrity, and security of the college’s network. 


This policy covers any computer, system or device that have an installed wireless network adaptor that may operate as a wireless access point (WAP) or “hotspot," and is used to access the campus network and campus network resources. 

This policy applies to all segments of the College’s networks including administrative, academic, and outdoor spaces and covers all employees, students, contractors, consultants, temporary workers and others who use the College network. Personnel affiliated with third parties who maintain a wireless infrastructure device on behalf of College are also required to adhere to this policy. 


The College permits members of the College community to use their own equipment and devices while on College premises by providing wireless access to various College networks. Users of the Columbia College wireless networks are encouraged to keep their computer’s virus protection up-to-date, as well as, install the latest operating system security patches.  All computer equipment and devices used to connect to the College’s networks must display reasonable security measures. Users are expected to secure their College-connected devices at all times. 

The College is not responsible and disclaims liability for loss or damage that may occur, directly or indirectly, to College network user equipment, devices and/or data through the use College wireless or wired network connections. 

Due to bandwidth limitations, the wireless network should be viewed as a network to augment the wired network. Applications that require large amounts of bandwidth or are sensitive to changes in signal quality and strength may not be appropriate for wireless network use. 

All wireless infrastructure on the College’s network is centrally managed by the Technology Services Department.  All wireless or wired access points or other wireless broadcasting devices that access College networks must be approved in advance by Technology Services.  The College strictly prohibits the installation, introduction and/or use of equipment to the College’s networks without prior approval by Technology Services.  

The College reserves the right to remove, disconnect or limit any broadcasting device or access point not installed and configured by Technology Services.  Technology Services reserves the right to remove all devices or technology it determines to be interfering with proper College network operation. 

Technology Services may monitor College networks for performance, integrity, security and to ensure compliance with this policy. College network users should immediately report any suspected violations of this policy to Technology Services.  

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