Employee Resignation and Termination Policy


This policy informs employees who are resigning or terminating their employment from Columbia College, of their obligations to provide notice of the resignation or termination. The policy also informs employees of the administrative processes relating to the resignations and terminations.


This policy applies to all employees at Columbia College.


Support staff employees are requested to provide at least a two (2) week notification of resignation to their supervisor. Four (4) weeks notice is requested from Administrative staff.

When an employee is terminating, supervisors must send a PIF including vacation leave information to the Payroll Office; nationwide location supervisors/directors provide the Employee Attendance Record to the CC Global Director of Budget and Personnel. Granting of vacation or sick leave during the resignation period is subject to supervisor discretion. Employees are asked to schedule an appointment with the Human Resources Office for an exit interview; nationwide location employees schedule his/her exit interview with the Location Director. The supervisor/Director is responsible for securing office/building keys, library books, uniforms, staff identification cards and other related items, as well as completing and obtaining the terminated employee’s signature on the proper separation form. The terminating employee's final paycheck will be issued at the next regular payroll date or in accordance with State law.

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