Employment of Relatives (Nepotism) Policy


Columbia College is committed to providing a fair and equitable working environment free from potential conflicts of interest - both perceived and actual - and potential favoritism and preferential treatment - both perceived and actual. The College believes employees should be evaluated on the merits of their work without improper influence or the potential for improper influence or favoritism. For this reason the College adheres to this policy regarding the employment of relatives, commonly known as nepotism.


This policy applies to College employees.


The College recognizes there may be situations in which spouses or other relatives may be qualified for various positions at the College and may be employed by the College at the same time. The College does not prohibit the employment of spouses or other relatives at the College, or within the same department or administrative unit. However, the College does prohibit any preferential treatment toward spouses or relatives or any improper influence impacting a spouse's or relative's terms or conditions of employment at the College. No employee's spouse or other relative may participate in or assert any influence over any terms or conditions of the other's employment. This includes, but is not limited to, performance reviews, job duties, working conditions, investigations, compensation, benefits, terminations, and promotions.

Any potential preferential treatment or improper influence should be reported immediately to the Human Resources Department.

For purposes of this policy, other relatives are defined as children, parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, or in-laws of employees or their spouses.

Prior approval must be obtained in cases where employment of a spouse or other relative in the same department or administrative unit is contemplated. Prior approval may only be granted by the President, and a written copy of this approval shall be included in the individual's personnel file.

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