Residence Hall Guest Policy


The purpose of this policy is outline rules for having guests in residence halls in order to help students maintain a living environment that supports academic success, health and personal well-being.


This policy applies to all Day Campus students residing in residence hall and their guests at Columbia College.  


Residence hall facilities are not intended for the provision of living accommodations for transients, non-students or students who have not contracted for housing. A “guest” is defined as anyone who is a non-resident of the host’s residence hall and who is accompanied by a specific host.

Guests may not stay on campus more than two nights in a seven day period. Note: A guest may not stay in one room for two nights, then switch to another room. This is a violation of the policy. Any person violating this policy will be asked to leave the premises immediately and the resident responsible for that guest will be subject to disciplinary action.

Residents are held responsible for the actions of their guests and visitors while in the residence halls. Residence hall students will have 24-hour visitation privileges, provided they have an active roommate contract on file in their hall office. However, a guest to a room must be at the consent of both roommates. Guests and any non-building residents must be escorted by their resident host at all times. Guests who do not comply with these policies may be asked to leave the building.

Visitation to the extent of cohabitation is not allowed and will be limited to two nights on campus in any seven day period. Guests visiting a room or building are responsible for knowing and observing established policies and procedures.

If the visitation privilege is abused, it will be revoked. Hosts shall responsibly by following these guidelines:

  1. Hosts shall meet their guest at the entrance and walk with him/her to their room. A guest should be escorted by a resident of the hall at all times.
  2. Hosts are responsible for their guest, and they shall inform him/her of college/hall policies.
  3. Hosts shall always be considerate of their roommate when entertaining guests. If the roommate wants the guest to leave, the host must comply.
  4. Hosts are not allowed to give their ID or key to the guest so that he/she can access the building or the room in the host’s absence.

For additional information and policies related to visitors on campus, please see the Columbia College Visitor Policy.

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