Hiring Process Policy


Columbia College values its employees and is committed to a fair and lawful application and hiring process. This policy sets forth guidelines and expectations for various aspects of the application and hiring process as well as certain expectations during employment with the College.


This policy applies to all College employees.


Information Provided to the College

Columbia College relies upon the accuracy of information provided by applicants and employees in the employment application, as well as the accuracy of other information provided throughout the application and hiring process, and continuing on through the duration of employment. The College expects applicants and employees to provide accurate and complete information to the College at all times. Any misrepresentation(s), falsification(s), misleading statement(s), or material omissions - whether intentional or not - in any information provided by applicants or employees may result in Columbia College's exclusion of the individual from further consideration for employment, or if the person has already been hired, termination of employment.

Employees who are involved in the hiring process are required to disclose in writing to Human Resources in advance, any potential, perceived, or actual conflict of interest in any aspect of the hiring process.

Employment Reference Checks

The College may conduct reference checks and contact the references provided by applicants during the application process. By applying for employment at the College, applicants consent to the College contacting references provided by the applicant and to other reasonable inquiries by the College.

At times, the College may receive requests from third parties - such as prospective employers or banks - seeking to verify current or past employment of an employee. All such inquiries must be referred to the Human Resources Department. Typically, the College requests that such inquiries be made in writing to the College's Human Resources Department. In response to these requests, it is the policy of the College to provide a neutral reference, which includes the dates of employment and job title(s)/position(s) held at the College. Requests for any additional information must be made in writing and directed to the College's Human Resources Department. Additional information, beyond dates of employment and position(s) held, is typically only provided if the employee signs a release authorizing such disclosure.

Background Checks

As part of the hiring process, the College contracts with a third party background check provider to conduct background checks of applicants, at the College's expense, after an offer of employment has been made to an applicant. Offers of employment are contingent upon the College's evaluation and assessment of the results of a background check. Information commonly obtained as part of a background check includes, but is not limited to, academic, residential, achievement, performance, attendance, disciplinary, employment history, credit history, driving history, criminal history, and information that is part of the public record.

The College complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and promotes the accuracy, fairness, and privacy of information in the files of consumer reporting agencies. Applicants for employment are required to complete a separate authorization form that specifically authorizes that a background check be conducted. View a summary of your rights under FCRA. Additional information about this topic and FCRA is provided during the application process. The College reserves the right to revoke an offer of employment based on the results of a background check, consistent with FCRA. It is also the policy of the College to not knowingly hire Registered Sex Offenders.

All employees, where driving is required for the position for College business, will have a driving record check conducted upon hire and every year thereafter by the College to verify insurability and adherence to the College's Policy on Approved Drivers. An offer of employment and continued employment is contingent upon receiving a satisfactory driving history as outlined in the Policy on Approved Drivers where driving is required for the position.

ADA Accommodations During the Application Process

Applicants or employees who are seeking, or may need, a reasonable accommodation during the hiring process should contact the Human Resources Department as soon as possible to start the interactive process. The College's full policy for employee accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, as amended (the ADA), can be found by clicking here.

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