Pregnancy Disclosure Policy for Students


A student who is pregnant is encouraged to notify the Title IX Coordinator as soon as possible. By doing so, the student and College personnel can collaborate and develop an appropriate plan for the continuation of the student’s education. Pre-planning can also help with particular challenges a student may face while pregnant or when recovering from childbirth (e.g., missed classes, make-up work, etc.). However, the choice to disclose a pregnancy is entirely voluntary, and a student is not required to disclose this information to the College.

For example, voluntarily disclosing a pregnancy by a nursing program student may be particularly beneficial due to the unique nature of the nursing program and its clinical requirements.


This policy applies to students of the College who are pregnant or recovering from childbirth.

Options Following Disclosure

Once a student has voluntarily disclosed a pregnancy to the College, the student will have several options, including those described below.

1. Remain enrolled in coursework at the College

If a student decides to continue in her program and desires to have any adjustments made to her academic program due to the pregnancy, the student should contact the Title IX Coordinator to discuss any reasonable adjustments that may be necessary to continue in the program. Such adjustments, if any, will be documented in the form of Addendum A which will be signed by both the student and a College representative.

2. Request a pregnancy leave

A leave of absence due to pregnancy may be for various amounts of time depending on a student's particular circumstances. Such a leave may be extended if deemed medically necessary by the student's doctor.

Due to the structure of the College's academic programs, the timing and/or length of a student's leave of absence may result in the student being required to re-take or finish course(s) in a future term.

If taking a leave of absence due to a pregnancy, the Education Plan for Pregnancy Leave in Addendum B will be discussed and signed by the student and a College representative.

3. Withdraw from the College

The student may, in her sole discretion, determine that she must withdraw from the College for an indefinite period of time or permanently due to her pregnancy. Normal College withdrawal procedures, and readmission procedures (if applicable), apply.

Questions or Concerns

A student or employee who has questions about this policy or who is concerned about its implementation, should contact the Title IX Coordinator.

Title IX Coordinator, Erin Mazzola OR