Education Post Baccalaureate from Columbia College

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) post-baccalaureate from Columbia College is for students who already hold a bachelor’s degree and wish to fulfill Missouri teacher certification requirements.

The post-baccalaureate certificate is through the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education with Columbia College offering the required courses.

Students have the option of taking many of their education certification courses at the graduate level. Courses taken at the graduate level for certification may also apply toward the MAT degree. (Graduate level courses are currently only offered through the main campus in Columbia, Missouri. Students at the Lake Ozark or St. Louis locations may be admitted if they wish to commute to enroll in graduate courses.)

Post-baccalaureate FAFSA questions

Many post-baccalaureate students qualify for federal financial aid. To apply, submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid . Post-baccalaureate students submitting the FAFSA must complete the following questions as listed below:

Question #29: "What will your grade level be?" - Student must answer "5th year/other undergraduate."

Question #30: "What degree or certificate?" - Student must answer "Teaching Credential Program."

Question #47: "Are you a masters or doctorate student?" - Student must answer "No."

Failure to answer the questions as described above will affect the financial aid eligibility for post-baccalaureate students.