Book and Supply Voucher

At Columbia College, textbooks and required materials are provided for students. However, at times other recommended books and supplies may be necessary to help facilitate success in coursework.

A book and/or supply voucher may be available, upon request, for a student at any location. This allows you to charge approved items to your student account for purchase prior to your financial aid being disbursed. If your financial aid is in place and exceeds your charges, you may request a book and supply voucher. The Center for Student Success will determine the amount you that you are eligible to charge based on the amount of financial aid awarded and your tuition charges.

To receive a book or supply voucher, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Your financial aid has been awarded.
  • You are registered for the upcoming term at Columbia College
  • The total financial aid you will be receiving exceeds your account balance (after tuition is applied).

Students may request a voucher by emailing the Center for Student Success at  Please include the course which the voucher is being requested and if it is for a book or supplies. Your account will be reviewed for eligibility.

Students may use their voucher to cover recommended books, supplies, or rentals at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore. In order to cover possible loss or damage to the rented text, credit or debit card information will need to be provided.

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