Military & Veteran Support Center

Open Doors, Break Barriers

Whether you are an active or reserve service member, a veteran, or a family member, our range of services are designed to ensure your academic and personal success.  Visit us at 904 N 8th St., Columbia, MO; or contact us at (573) 875-7504 and

Military Student Organizations

Our student organizations are dedicated spaces for veterans, service members, and military families to connect, share experiences, and engage with the wider college community. 

Military Affiliated Benefit

With our Military-Affiliated Benefit program, we recognize you and your family’s service by offering reduced tuition and additional benefits that stretch far beyond the classroom.

Virtual Veteran Resources

Access webinars and videos designed to address the unique needs and interests of our student veterans, anytime and anywhere. 

Green Zone Training

Our trained advocates, identifiable by the Green Zone seal, are ready to listen, understand, and guide veterans and their families toward the right resources. 

Additional Resources

At Columbia College, we are deeply committed to supporting our student veterans, active service members, and their families through dedicated services and resources.

Visit the Ousley Family Veterans Service Center

The Brig. Gen. Charles E. McGee House as the new home of the Ousley Family Veterans Service Center. The space will serve as a hub to host programming and further build camaraderie in the college's military student community. 

 Visit us during limited times at 904 N 8th St, Columbia, MO. You can also visit us at Missouri Hall, Room 205, or contact us at (573) 875-7504 and

because a future built by you is a future built for you.

Too many people have been made to feel that higher education isn’t a place for them— that it is someone else’s dream. But we change all that. With individualized attention and ongoing support, we help you write a new story for the future where you play the starring role.