Historical image of a group of women walking through Rogers Gate. Student seated at a table outside of New Hall talking with another student who is standing and carrying a backpack.

Life on Columbia, MO Campus

Live, Learn And Grow

College is more than getting an education – it's about immersing yourself in a community and discovering new passions, interests and perspectives. As a student at our residential campus here in Columbia, Missouri, you’ll be steps away from downtown, filled with local shops, restaurants, galleries and cultural attractions, making it the perfect place to explore and connect with your new community. 

Our mission is to facilitate not just your academic development, but your personal growth as well, through experience that extends beyond the boundaries of our campus. 

Living on Campus

Our safe, comfortable, and inclusive living communities are designed to make you feel at home from the moment you move in.

Dining on Campus

Our commitment to quality and choice ensures that every student can find something to enjoy, catering to all dietary needs.

Organizations and Societies

Engage in inspiring organizations, meet like-minded friends, and seize leadership opportunities for an impactful experience.

Support and Services

Success isn't a solitary journey but a collective effort. Discover a plethora of resources to help you navigate your academic journey.

Embrace New Experiences

Explore a wide range of academic and cultural experiences crafted to stretch your understanding and world view.

Get Ready for a Successful First Year

At Columbia College, we’re here to help you start your journey. With our wide range of events to kickstart the year, you'll be well-prepared for your first year of college.

because a future built by you is a future built for you.

Too many people have been made to feel that higher education isn’t a place for them— that it is someone else’s dream. But we change all that. With individualized attention and ongoing support, we help you write a new story for the future where you play the starring role.