Make your first year a success at Columbia College

Your first year will allow you to explore your interests.

Use this time to discover your potential and prepare for your future. Columbia College will be your compass. We're here to guide you every step of the way.

Events welcome you to the Columbia College campus

We have several events and activities designed to help you be successful your first year and beyond.

Students at table at registration day event at Columbia College.

Registration Day

After you're admitted to Columbia College, plan to attend a Registration Day. This event ensures you're enrolled in the appropriate classes and you have the information you need when classes begin.

Recruitment Policy 

Welcome Week

Prior to the start of the fall semester, you'll participate in a week of fun activities designed to get you familiar with our campus. You'll have a blast interacting with new friends and exploring the Columbia community.


Campus spirit & traditions

At Columbia College, we all take pride in the traditions that make our campus spirit unique.

Scooter Cougar at Homecoming.

Our mascot

We are the Columbia College Cougars, and our mascot, Scooter the Cougar, has been part of our campus since 1984.

CC employees in blue from above.

College spirit

On Fridays, we show our CC pride by wearing the college's colors, navy and silver. Navy represents steadfastness, strength, knowledge and power, while silver represents truth and strength of character.

Together, we chant "We are CC!" If you hear someone yell, "We are," your response should be: "CC!"

Students walking around campus linked together by ivy at Ivy Chain Ceremony.

Ivy Chain

In addition to the events that welcome new students, our oldest campus tradition will take place on your graduation day. The Ivy Chain Ceremony, which dates back to 1900, joins graduating seniors together with a long strand of ivy. The traditional greenery is draped along the shoulders of seniors and cut at the end of the ceremony to signify a lifelong bond with classmates even as graduates forge new paths.

Foundations Seminar overview

The Foundations Seminar is a theme-based introduction to the college experience, focused on helping students transition into college both academically and personally.  Although there is a strong emphasis on the development of skills such as time management, stress management, digital literacy, and so on, each section of the seminar will have a different theme depending upon the interests of the instructor.

This 16-week seminar is a 3 credit hour academic course that meets the general education curriculum and degree requirements. Additionally, new students become familiar with the wide variety of resources available to help them meet their collegiate goals. 

Tips for parents

Parents can support their students during the first year of college by providing encouragement while still allowing them to become independent. Here are a few things to remember.

  • If your student calls with a frustration about college, encourage him or her to meet with staff or faculty who can help resolve the issue. For instance, if your student is having trouble academically, refer him or her to the instructor or tutoring center. If your student is feeling homesick, let him or her know free counseling services are available. 
  • Call and text your student, but also allow time for your student to become active and connected on campus. Don't take it personally if your student does not respond right away, as they are adjusting to life away from home.
  • Columbia College has numerous resources to help your student become successful academically and socially. Your student will be surrounded by supportive staff, faculty and classmates. We pride ourselves on making sure everyone feels safe, welcomed and included