Parking on the Traditional Campus in Columbia, MO


Refer to the campus map to locate visitor parking spaces. Or, contact Plant and Facilities at or Campus Safety for a temporary parking permit.

Students, Faculty and Staff Permits

All Columbia College students and employees must obtain a parking permit for any vehicle parked on campus. Parking permits must be displayed at all times. The purchase of a parking permit only authorizes the parking of a vehicle on campus. It does not establish a designated parking space, only a designated area. A vehicle parked in any unauthorized area is in violation of the regulations in this document.

Faculty/staff hang tags are issued at the time of employment and remain valid throughout employment.

Get Student Permit

Lost or Stolen Permits

Parking permits are non-refundable. Please contact Campus Safety if a permit has been lost or stolen.

Additional Information

Parking regulations apply to all permit types. Violation appeals may be submitted to the Campus Safety office. Learn more about parking policies and procedures.

View Parking Policy

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