Business Administration Department at Columbia College

The Robert W. Plaster School of Business remains committed to improving our students’ lives through quality business degree programs. Through innovation and a dedication to excellence, our faculty provide a quality education to all students.


Programs and experiences we offer

In addition to student organizations and societies, students can choose from a wide variety of business programs.


Associate's degree

An Associate in Business Administration prepares you for support roles or a bachelor's program.

Bachelor's degrees

Choose a degree that gives you a fundamental understanding of business and prepares you for the workforce.

Master's degree

Add an M.B.A. or MS in Accountancy to prepare for advancement or management and leadership roles.


Gain an edge in the workforce by taking a few more classes to add a minor to your degree.


Business Student Organizations

The Business School offers a variety of ways to lead, learn and participate in business clubs and organizations including Collegiate DECA, CCAMA (Marketing), Enactus (Entrepreneurship), Sigma Beta Delta (SBD Honor Society) and other opportunities. The Steven and Barbara Fishman Center for Entrepreneurship offers experiential learning, internships, startup mentoring and an annual Pitch Competition.

Inspired as a business student, Walters ’12 achieved his goal of running his own business.

“My junior year, I took an entrepreneurial class. The teacher talked about different ways to start a business, and it was like a light bulb went on. It was a huge influence on me.”

— Jesse Walters ’12 - Owner of Camacho Coffee


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CC Biz Buzz blog

CC Biz Buzz is a monthly column series that runs in the Columbia Daily Tribune that features insightful commentary from a member of the Columbia College Robert W. Plaster School of Business faculty.

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Robert W. Plaster School of Business Advisory Council

In order to ensure our business curriculum and programs are relevant and meet the needs of employers and the community, the Business School engages a Business Advisory Council, which meets to discuss key changes in the field of business. The Council comprises key members including chief executives, managers and small business owners.


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