Study Abroad Program

Take your education beyond borders with the study abroad program at Columbia College. Experience new cultures, learn from diverse environments, and get a new perspective on your studies. 

Choose Your Experience

Whether you study, work, or volunteer abroad, you will earn invaluable experiences learning about different cultures through the Study Abroad program at Columbia College.

Apply & Fund Your Trip

Step 1: Set Up An Advising Appointment
Students interested in education abroad should contact to find a time you can meet with an advisor.


Step 2: Submit Application

All students planning to study abroad must complete and submit the Study Abroad Application.

Students participating in any program that involves receiving credit from another institution must also complete the course proposal form. It will be submitted to the Office of the Registrar for evaluation. The evaluation of your education abroad course proposal may take up to a week to complete. Once it has been completed, the Office of the Registrar will contact you.

Students participating in in a Columbia College Education Abroad experience only need to complete the application. 

You can potentially fund this life-changing experience through federal aid or by applying for scholarships, especially if you're a current student planning to attend an approved program, as you may be eligible for an education abroad award.

If credits from an approved study abroad program will transfer toward a degree at Columbia College, financial aid may be available to pay for study abroad expenses

The first step is to submit the FAFSA. If you plan to use loans, be sure to complete entrance counseling and the Master Promissory Note.

Upon eligibility, students may use federal grants and loans to assist with study abroad educational expenses. There are limits on the amount of financial aid a student can receive. For instance, the cost of attendance and estimated family contribution determine need-based aid. The number of credit hours approved and length of the trip will also be considered.

We do not require you to fill out a consortium agreement in order to get financial aid disbursed during a study abroad trip. If coursework is approved and your financial aid is in place, you may receive financial aid while out of the country. 

Students are expected to pay out of pocket for all travel fees and costs associated with the trip. There are flexible payment plans as long as deadlines are observed. 

If taking out loans, borrow only what you need. Depending on the type of trip, consider the cost of attendance for a semester or 8-week session.

Hear from Our Student

Wrapping up our final day in the breathtaking city of Prague has been filled with incomparable experiences that we’ll remember forever! [It] has allowed us to experience an even deeper connection to and understanding of such dark history. [We] honor them as incredible sources of education, information, and advocacy for a better world.

Holly Stock

10-day tour of Europe in 2022

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