Work Experience Abroad

Looking for a different abroad experience? Completing an internship abroad could be the way to go. You will develop skills for your career and an understanding of the global workplace.

There are several advantages of choosing an internship or employment abroad instead of a traditional education abroad experience.

Intern/work abroad can:

  • Cost less than a traditional semester-based program
  • Fit into your degree program
  • Occur during the academic year or summer
  • Provide CC credit if eligible
  • Include room and board
  • Allow you to immerse yourself into a new country
  • Build job skills and networking contacts you can use the rest of your career

Third-Party, Tuition-Based Internships

Columbia College does not offer any specific intern/volunteer abroad placements, but third-party options are available. These organizations often charge a fee that typically includes placement, room and board. Going through an organization is logistically the easiest process, as they take care of everything, but is also typically more expensive. Reputable organizations typically have staff and connections in your industry located in the country, and have experience working with U.S. students.

Volunteer Positions & Unpaid Internships

Volunteer positions are typically shorter and less in-depth than an internship. They can be set up by a third-party provider or sometimes directly with the organization.

Paid Short-Term Work Experiences

Work experiences are employment based and are usually at least three months long. The positions are paid, but don't always offer a dedicated learning experience. They can be excellent ways to pay for an immersive abroad experience. You can either go through an organization that helps set these up (for a fee) or try to coordinate something on your own. If you coordinate a work experience on your own, you will need an appropriate work visa for the country.

Here are some resources to get started.

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