Graduate Tuition

Pursue Your Master's Degree with Confidence


Degree Level Cost
Standard graduate rate $490 per credit hour
Standard partnership discount $416.50 per credit hour (15% tuition discount off standard graduate rate)
Audit tuition $250 per credit hour


Military-Affiliated Benefit Rates/Discounts

Eligibility Fall 2023-24 Cost per Semester
Currently serving1 military member $3254 per credit hour
Spouse/dependent2 of currently serving military member $325 per credit hour
CC-affiliated installation3 employee $325 per credit hour
Spouse/dependent2 of CC-affiliated installation employee $416.50 per credit hour (15% tuition discount off standard graduate rate)
Veteran $490 per credit hour (unless eligible for a separate rate/discount)


1 Currently serving: A member of the United States Armed Forces (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, Space Force) that is currently serving whether on Active Duty, Guard, or Reserve status. Members of the Guard and Reserve must be drilling members or on active duty. Service members that are in the Inactive Ready Reserve (IRR) are not considered as currently serving for purposes of the Military-Affiliated Benefit.
2 Dependents must be under the age of 25 prior to the first day of the semester to be eligible to receive the dependent benefit.
3 Installation employees, their spouses and dependents of these installations are eligible for the new Military-Affiliated Benefit.
4 Columbia College provides a military grant to cover the cost of books.


Upon registration, all students are required to pay the entire balance of their accounts (after financial aid awards are considered) or enroll in a deferred payment plan .

Timely payment of tuition is required to continue your attendance at the College. If unforeseen circumstances occur that preclude you from paying in a timely fashion, please contact the Center for Student Success office.

We honor Employer Tuition AssistanceMilitary Tuition Assistance (MTA) and V.A. Vocational Rehabilitation. We also encourage students to apply for financial assistance. 

Outstanding Balance From A Previous Session

Until the balance is paid, the student will not be allowed to:

  • Register for any subsequent semester
  • Obtain a transcript of academic work
  • Apply for a residence hall room
  • Obtain their diploma

Each semester's charges are due in full at the time of registration. Arrangements may be made to use a deferred payment plan.

For more in-depth information about tuition and fees, read the Tuition and Fees section of the Undergraduate Catalog.

Leave of Absence

If main campus students withdraw or take a leave of absence from Columbia College, they may be eligible for a tuition adjustment.

Deferred Payment Plan

If a student needs to pay educational expenses in installments, a deferred payment plan may be arranged. Due dates and more detailed information for payment plans are available upon registration.

Any payment not made by the due date is subject to a late payment charge. All students not paying in full upon registration are required to sign a deferred payment contract through epayment. Read the Deferred Payment Policy.


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