Maintaining Financial Aid

Yearly Eligibility Requirements

Once you are enrolled at Columbia College, it is important to maintain your eligibility to receive financial aid. This means meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress and taking all the necessary steps towards completing your academic program.  

Satisfactory Academic Progress is required by the United States Department of Education and the Missouri Department of Higher Education. The Financial Aid office reviews Satisfactory Academic Progress of financial aid recipients after each semester, up to three times a year, in accordance with the college’s Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

Impact from Course Withdrawal

A withdrawal occurs when you complete a Course Withdrawal Form or cease attending all concurrent courses for 14 consecutive days. It will show this course as a Withdraw on your transcript. 

When utilizing Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA), it's important to note that withdrawing from a course can have consequences for your financial aid, potentially resulting in a return of funds to the government. This, in turn, leads to a charge on your student account with Columbia College, as mandated by the government's Return of Title IV process.

If you are enrolled in both early and late sessions and have any withdrawn courses during an 8-week early session, it can lead to a Pell Recalculation. As a result, your eligibility for Late Session Pell Grant will be reassessed, potentially leading to a chargeback on your student account or a reduced disbursement during the late session. 

Resources To Maintaining Eligibility

To ensure you're on the right track, reach out to the Center for Student Success for assistance and further details.

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