Proctor exams

Proctors administer exams for Columbia College students.

A proctor is an approved person that administers an exam for a Columbia College student.

Proctors verify the student's identity by checking a photo ID and ensures academic honesty during the exam. Proctored exams add validity to online coursework and are required for some online courses.

Students needing proctored exams must select a proctor, schedule a time and date to complete the exam, and submit that information to the instructor as outlined in a course syllabus. 

You have three options to take a proctored exam. 

  1. Take it at the Columbia College campus or a Columbia College venue nationwide. If using a Columbia College venue, reserve your seat and notify your instructor as outlined for your course.
    This is the best option, as proctors are automatically approved. There is no charge for students who have an exam proctored by Columbia College.
  2. Use Examity.
    Examity is automatically approved. There is no charge for students who use Examity.
  3. Select a private proctor

Students must verify with instructors that a private proctor has been approved. Acceptable private proctors include faculty, other university or college testing centers, ministers, military education officers, non-direct superiors, corporate executive officers and public librarians. Some testing centers charge fees for testing. Students are responsible for paying fees.