Testing Services at Columbia College

If you need testing assistance, we're here to help at Columbia College.

We offer a testing center on the Columbia College campus, and professionals are available when you are required to take a proctored exam.

Main Campus Testing services at Columbia College

The Columbia College Testing Center provides a comfortable, professional, uniform and secure testing environment. Schedule your CLEP and DSST tests for main campus.

CC Global - Online and nationwide Testing information for Online Courses

Many CC Global locations offer proctoring and other testing services on site including CLEP and DSST tests.

Some online courses require proctored exams. Columbia College locations are the best option for taking proctored midterm and final exams. Learn more about proctors.

Schedule an exam at one of our locations

Columbia College Testing Services offers a variety of standardized testing and limited ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) testing. 

ADA testing services

Students with documented disabilities can receive various testing services through our office upon registration and approval by the Student Accessibility Resource (SAR) office. Students must register with a SAR coordinator prior to contacting us to receive accommodated testing. Accommodated exams should be scheduled with the Testing Center at least one week in advance. Required forms must be on file with the Testing Center at the time of scheduling.

Proctoring services

A proctor is an approved person that administers an exam for a Columbia College student.

The Testing Center offers proctoring to Columbia College students, faculty and staff (including spouses and dependents) and alumni at no charge. Examinees and institutions providing exams must adhere to the Testing Center's policies and procedures. Each proctoring service request will be reviewed prior to reservations to ensure NCTA guidelines and standards are met. 

Certain online courses require students to take proctored exams. Learn more about proctors.

Students requiring ADA accommodations who have registered with the SAR office should contact the Testing Center directly by emailing TestingServices@ccis.edu or calling (573) 875-7485.

CLEP and DSST testing

Columbia College accepts CLEP and DSST exams for college credit. These exams allow students to demonstrate knowledge of college-level material. Exams can be taken at the Testing Center or at many of our CC Global locations.

Residual ACT exams

Students seeking admission to Columbia College or a particular program with more stringent requirements may take Residual ACT exams at the Testing Center. Residual ACT scores are only valid at Columbia College.

The exam fee of $43 is due at the time of registration. 

For upcoming exam dates, test day details and to register and make a payment, visit the Registration and Payment for the Residual ACT exam site

Complete the Residual ACT Registration Form if you plan to pay with cash at the Enrollment Service Center in Missouri Hall on campus in Columbia, Missouri.

Missouri Educators Gateway Assessments (MEGA)

The Missouri Educators Gateway Assessments (MEGA) consists of two test packages, the Missouri General Education Assessment (MoGEA) and Paraprofessional Tests.

Candidates seeking entry into a Missouri educator preparation program must pass the MoGEA This assessment has five subtests: English, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies and writing.

Candidates with fewer than 60 credit hours and seeking Paraprofessional certification to work in Special Education and/or Title I settings in Missouri must pass the Paraprofessional Test. The test measures competencies in English language arts and basic mathematics.

For upcoming exam dates, test day details and to register and make a payment, visit the MoGEA Exam Registration site .

Math/English placement

Some students are required to take a math/English placement exam before registering for a math/English course. Contact the admissions office or your academic advisor to determine whether you need to take a placement exam.

These exams are offered online to all admitted Columbia College students at no cost. Access the exams through CougarTrack. Math/English placement exams are not given at the Testing Center.