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Student Organizations

Stay Involved with Student Organizations

Join us, become a part of our vibrant campus community at CC and see yourself thrive! When you're engaged with our campus life, it's about finding your tribe, honing your talents, and developing those soft skills that will take you far. Remember, at CC, you're not just a student, you're family. Be bold, be brave, step forward and find your community with us.

Art Club promotes public interest in art and celebrates the wide variety of creative forces that make up the field. The club complements classroom and studio training and enhances student understanding and appreciation of how art forms work together. Art Club provides at least two service projects during the school year, sponsors the annual Student Art Exhibition and hosts the annual student art sale.

The Black Student Union creates a safe space where people can have conversations about black culture. These conversations bring to light social, economic, educational and political pressures black students face at the college and in the community. The BSU strives to cultivate a culture where blackness is appreciated and celebrated.

Campus Activities Board (CAB) provides programs and activities to the student body at Columbia College. CAB brings entertainment to campus such as improv groups, hypnotists, comedians, trivia nights and other events. CAB members ensure that programs are high-quality, creative and diverse.

The purpose of this student organization is to encourage the development of a chess community and a chess culture at Columbia College. We believe that a Chess Club constitutes a strategic platform for fostering sociability among students while stimulating intellectual growth. Faculty and staff will also be welcome to participate in all chess events.

Chi Alpha is a community of passionate Christian students at Columbia College. Members are dedicated to promoting the love, power and teachings of Jesus to positively impact the world.

Collegiate DECA serves students pursuing a degree in the field of business, finance, marketing or management. Members have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge through state and national competitive events designed to enhance practical skills. DECA focuses on building self-esteem and ethical business practices, and is also committed to community service and development opportunities.

Columbia College's collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association helps students develop leadership and marketing skills. The organization promotes interaction between students, faculty and the business community. It also provides opportunities for experiential learning to develop sound thinking in marketing theory and understanding of marketing principles and practices.

Columbia College Student Veterans organizes student veterans with other students to positively impact the campus. The group hosts events, provides resources to veterans and participates in community service projects.

The Columbia College Computer Science Club provides students with opportunities to advance their knowledge of the different branches of computer and information sciences. It also provides opportunities for hands-on experience with various applications.

The purpose of Cougar Crew is to increase student involvement and attendance at Columbia College athletic events and school functions.  This group would primarily focus on going to sporting events (bonfires, pep rallies, etc.) and games to cheer on the teams.

Cougars Esports & Gaming Club is an organization dedicated to individuals interested in gaming outside of a competitive college environment and to those who want to game in a fun and welcoming environment. The Cougars Esports & Gaming Club plans to start playing games like Rocket League and FIFA, then grow to support any game students are interested in.

To develop a community of students who are interested in playing D&D together.

Financial Futures club, FinFutures for short, is dedicated to empowering students with comprehensive financial knowledge for a successful future. Our mission is to create an engaging and supportive environment where members can explore and understand the broad spectrum of finance, including personal finance management, budgeting strategies, and investment principles. Whether you are studying art, science, or anything in between, FinFutures is your go-to place to learn about money and build a strong foundation for your financial future.

The Forensic Science Club provides students with an opportunity to network with other forensic science students. The organization provides opportunities to complement classroom studies with guest speakers, field trips and other activities.

International Club helps international students transition to U.S. customs and life at Columbia College. Open to all students, the group promotes diversity, culture, respect and understanding. The club hosts programming, social activities and service projects both on campus and in the community.

The purpose of TRiO Student Support Services Participants (SSSP) is to assist the Student Support Services staff in its efforts to enhance student retention and graduation, and provide leadership opportunities for Student Support Service participants.

The Columbia College Mock Trial Association provides an opportunity for students to become familiar with the United States legal system and courtroom procedures. The Program represents Columbia College in nationwide collegiate mock trial competitions.

The Model United Nations club of Columbia College's mission is to promote a better understanding and an interest in the function and processes of the United Nations (UN). Members of the Model United Nations Club of Columbia College will also role-play the part of a UN member state at a United Nations simulation that includes participating teams from colleges and universities nationwide. In preparation for this event, club members will study in-depth the political positions and views held by the country the club is representing.

Queers and Allies provides a safe, confidential resource to students who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or questioning. The organization supports students who experience harassment because of actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. Additionally, the group is open to straight allies. Queers and Allies provides a space for LGBTQ+ and straight allies to build a network where all identities are respected. Additionally, the club works to educate the broader school community about sexual orientation and gender identity issues.

The Royal Ping-Pong Club at Columbia College aims to bring together Columbia College students, staff, and faculty who are interested in playing, watching, or learning more about the amazing sport of Ping-Pong. The Royal Ping-Pong Club's goal is to help members develop their Ping-Pong skills, and improve members’ relationships with one another, and with other members of the Columbia College community.

The Science and Pre-Med Club enhances and expands members' knowledge of scientific issues. Open to all Columbia College students, the club promotes a better understanding of the sciences.

The Social Sciences Club raises awareness and promotes interest in the fields of psychology and sociology. The club sponsors activities and gatherings for students interested in social services. It also promotes scholarly advancement in both fields and to help students connect with the community through service projects.

The Columbia college student government association (SGA) exists to organize student voices and positive actions into a unified representation of the student body and to convey viable solutions, ideas and concerns to the institution.

The Student Nursing Association aims to provide programs representative of fundamental interests and concerns to nursing students. To aid in the development of the whole person, the professional role, and the responsibility for the care of people in all walks of life.

TEACH is a student chapter of the Missouri State Teachers Association (MSTA). It promotes professional ideals and purposes by establishing a group of like-minded students who want to become professional educators. TEACH provides a structure through MSTA that allows opportunities for professional and personal growth, community service and leadership training.

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