Bachelor's in Philosophy

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Why Study Philosophy? 

With a degree in philosophy, you will develop intellectual abilities important for life as a whole and reach beyond the knowledge and skills required for a specific profession. Our program focuses on learning how to think and solve complex problems using analytical, critical, and interpretive capacities.  

What You'll Learn 

Our transformative curriculum cultivates the capacities and appetite for self-expression and reflection, for exchange and debate of ideas, for life-long learning, and for dealing with problems for which there are no easy answers. Our tenacious and inventive philosophy majors outscore most other majors on the required entrance exams for Graduate School, Law School, and MBA programs.

Program Details

A Bachelor’s degree prepares you for a rising career and for future graduate study by emphasizing clear communication, critical thinking, and a leading-edge understanding of your chosen field. View the core requirements and electives needed to earn a Bachelor's in Philosophy from Columbia College.

A Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science require slightly different coursework. A Bachelor of Arts allows you to take more classes in the humanities, specifically foreign language. A Bachelor of Science requires more courses specific to your major.

  • Moral Philosophy 
  • Political Philosophy 
  • Medical Ethics 
  • Environmental Ethics 
  • Existentialism 
  • Metaphysics 
  • Philosophy of Religion

Pair your degree with a related minor or explore your other interests without taking on a full course load.

Careers & Outcomes 

Posing and attempting to answer the hard questions about reality and the meaning and value of life not only enriches your life generally, but it can also prepare you for work in the global economy. The jobs of tomorrow do not exist today, so instead of spending your precious time being taught a trade that will soon be obsolete, spend your time learning how to think and solve complex problems. 

Columbia College students who have majored in Philosophy have gone to some of the following careers: 

  • University Professor 
  • Attorney at Law 
  • Bank Manager 
  • Senior Ethics Officer at Major Corporation 
  • Research Specialist 
  • Non-Profit Executive 
  • Small Business Owner

Flexible Education

Columbia College Global offers traditional classroom instruction for many courses at nationwide locations. Students at nationwide locations are expected to engage with multiple learning methods, including online and virtual while completing their degree. Columbia College offers on-campus programs with traditional classroom instruction at the Residential Campus in Columbia, Missouri.


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