Bachelor of Arts in History

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Why Study History? 

With a degree in history, you’re paving the way for a variety of engaging and impactful careers. Our program graduates successfully gain teaching positions, become leaders in management, finance and marketing, and advance to law school. 

What You'll Learn 

Our diverse and progressive curriculum allows you to create your own individual focus, encouraging self direction and developing confidence of genuine independence. Our vibrant course of study helps you become a resourceful and skillful thinker, researcher, writer, and communicator. As you work with a variety of evidential sources, including technological- and web-based resources, you’ll build an important skill set that will serve you well after you gain your degree.

Program Details

A Bachelor’s degree prepares you for a rising career and for future graduate study by emphasizing clear communication, critical thinking, and a leading-edge understanding of your chosen field. View the core requirements and electives needed to earn a Bachelor of Arts in History from Columbia College.

A Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science require slightly different coursework. A Bachelor of Arts allows you to take more classes in the humanities, specifically foreign language. A Bachelor of Science requires more courses specific to your major.

  • War and society 
  • The history of women in the U.S. and globally 
  • Europe, Fascism and the Holocaust 
  • Native American history 
  • African American history 
  • The modern Middle East 
  • U.S. business history 
  • Sex and sexuality in the U.S. 
  • History of science and technology

Pair your degree with a related minor or explore your other interests without taking on a full course load.

Careers & Outcomes 

Columbia College's degree in history aligns seamlessly with our certification program for teaching history and social studies at the middle-school or secondary level. Our graduates have a strong track record of securing teaching positions. 

Additionally, our history program equips students to apply their research, memory, and communication skills to fields such as management, finance, or marketing, helping businesses thrive with a global perspective. 

For those interested in the legal field, History provides excellent preparation for law school, especially when complemented with a minor in philosophy or political science. 

Some possible paths include: 

  • Education 
  • Business 
  • Law 
  • Library sciences 
  • Museum curating and educating 
  • Financial services 
  • Public policy 
  • Social services

Flexible Education

Columbia College Global offers traditional classroom instruction for many courses at nationwide locations. Students at nationwide locations are expected to engage with multiple learning methods, including online and virtual while completing their degree. Columbia College offers on-campus programs with traditional classroom instruction at the Residential Campus in Columbia, Missouri.

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