Bachelor's in Environmental Science

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Why Study Environmental Science? 

Our students are taught to go beyond the immediate issue at hand to look toward long-term solutions through the lenses of natural resource management, policy and sustainability. You’ll develop an understanding of research methods and statistics for natural sciences that will prepare you for advanced graduate study or immediate work in fields like conservation, natural resource management, soil science, agriculture or wildlife and fisheries management. 

What You'll Learn 

Our science-based program is the launching pad for a rich and engaging career. Your studies will focus on the interactions between living organisms and the natural environment through courses in biology, ecology, chemistry, zoology and botany. Students spend time in the lab and in the field, developing practical skills in research and scientific methodology. You’ll also examine the structure and function of natural systems for a comprehensive understanding of the interactions between living organisms and the environment.

Program Details

A Bachelor’s degree prepares you for a rising career and for future graduate study by emphasizing clear communication, critical thinking, and a leading-edge understanding of your chosen field. View the core requirements and electives needed to earn a Bachelor's in Environmental Science from Columbia College.

A Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science require slightly different coursework. A Bachelor of Arts allows you to take more classes in the humanities, specifically foreign language. A Bachelor of Science requires more courses specific to your major.

  • Plant anatomy 
  • Biodiversity 
  • Ecology 
  • Zoology 
  • Population genetics 
  • Environmental chemistry 
  • Taxonomy 
  • Natural resource management

Pair your degree with a related minor or explore your other interests without taking on a full course load.

Careers & Outcomes 

Whether you're passionate about conservation, natural resource management, soil science, agriculture, or wildlife and fisheries management, our programs will empower you to create effective strategies for resolution. Possible career paths include: 

  • Environmental Education Specialist 
  • Conservation Biologist 
  • Field Technician 
  • Botanist 
  • Natural Resource Manager 
  • Water Quality Technician 
  • Soils Technician

Flexible Education

Columbia College Global offers traditional classroom instruction for many courses at nationwide locations. Students at nationwide locations are expected to engage with multiple learning methods, including online and virtual while completing their degree. Columbia College offers on-campus programs with traditional classroom instruction at the Residential Campus in Columbia, Missouri.


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