Associate of Science in Cybersecurity

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Why Study Cybersecurity? 

At Columbia College, we foster a collaborative approach in our cybersecurity degree programs, ensuring that you have the freedom to cultivate your expertise at your own pace. By pursuing an associate degree in cybersecurity, you'll delve deep into essential concepts and challenges within this field, gaining a comprehensive understanding. Our program equips you with the necessary skills to excel in the dynamic and ever-evolving cybersecurity industry. Moreover, this associate degree seamlessly transitions into a bachelor's degree, enabling you to further expand your knowledge and unlock enhanced career opportunities when the time is right for you. 

What You'll Learn 

Our hands-on curriculum gives you an advantage in the rapidly rising cybersecurity industry. You will gain a deeper understanding of Agile and Web Programming and learn relevant information that can be implemented in real-time as you grow your career in cybersecurity.

Program Details

An Associate’s degree gives you a forward-looking education in classical liberal arts and sciences, while introducing you to the creative and critical thinking skills you need to advance professionally and personally. View the core requirements and electives needed to earn an Associate of Science in Cybersecurity from Columbia College.

Associate degree programs offer a focused exploration of general education subjects and can typically be completed in two years. Graduates are prepared to either shape their path in the workforce or advance to a bachelor's program. Bachelor's degree programs provide transformative study in a specific subject area to prepare you for new and leading-edge career opportunities.

  • Operating Systems and Cloud Computing 
  • Business Network Communication 
  • Information Systems Security 
  • Digital Forensics

Careers & Outcomes 

Your associate degree opens doors for greater levels of responsibility in your work and prepares you for roles such as:  
  • Cybersecurity Specialist 
  • Cybercrime Analyst 
  • Incident & Intrusion Analyst 
  • IT Auditor 
  • Cybersecurity Engineer 
  • Cybersecurity Manager 
  • Cybersecurity Architect 
  • Computer Support Specialist

Flexible Education

Columbia College Global offers traditional classroom instruction for many courses at nationwide locations. Students at nationwide locations are expected to engage with multiple learning methods, including online and virtual while completing their degree. Columbia College offers on-campus programs with traditional classroom instruction at the Residential Campus in Columbia, Missouri.

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