Scholarship Day

Columbia College hosts an annual Scholarship Day, a unique interview competition specifically designed for incoming students, offering you an opportunity to secure funding to assist with college expenses. Each year, we proudly award a diverse range of scholarships. The successful candidates will be unveiled in December.

The competition is held at our primary campus in Columbia, Missouri. Throughout this special day, our dedicated faculty, staff, and current students will be on hand to address any queries you might have. Additionally, we'll be providing insights into our degree programs, student organizations, residential living, and community-centric activities.

Parents are not only welcome but actively encouraged to partake in Scholarship Day. We have arranged parent-oriented sessions that will run concurrently throughout the day.

Event Details

In the morning, students will be greeted by campus officials and student ambassadors during the Welcome Presentation and Breakfast. Students will then begin the interview competitions, while parents learn more about campus resources available to students.

Columbia College representatives conduct interviews with each student individually. Admissions staff and student ambassadors will be on hand to answer questions throughout the event. Lunch will be provided to students and families after interviews are completed.


New freshmen students are eligible to compete if they have been admitted to the Columbia College traditional Day program. Admitted students must have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA.

Required Application Materials

Complete the free online Columbia College Admissions application. Submit all required documents in order to be admitted. Additionally, all materials listed below must be submitted by November 27th to be eligible for the competition. Once all documents are turned in, the student will receive their interview time. This includes:

  • Resume of high school, community and leadership activities
  • One letter of recommendation
  • A 300-500 personal statement 
    • In this goal statement, please elaborate on why you are an excellent candidate for one (or more) of below awards and why you will be an outstanding member of the Columbia College community. Be sure to provide information that may not be reflected in your resume or transcript. This statement will be reviewed by the scholarship committee as part of the competition.

Scholarships Available

Every year, Columbia College takes pride in offering a broad spectrum of scholarships to our students. These financial aid packages are designed to recognize and support a variety of talents, skills, and backgrounds.

  • Full tuition scholarship awarded to one student 
  • Requirements: 3.7 cumulative high school GPA and minimum 27 ACT 
  • 75% tuition scholarship awarded to two students. 
  • Requirements:  3.7 cumulative high school GPA and minimum 27 ACT 
  • Requirements: 3.0 cumulative high school GPA

Number of awards and amounts vary. Members of underrepresented racial or ethnic groups, students with disabilities, members of the LGBTQ+ community, or others who feel they may be underrepresented in their chosen field of study are able to compete for this scholarship.

  • Requirements: 3.0 cumulative high school GPA

Number of awards and amounts vary. Students who are considered first generation, defined by the following are encouraged to compete: Individuals whose both parents did not complete a baccalaureate degree or any individual who regularly reside with and received support from only one parent and such parent did not complete a baccalaureate degree.

  • Requirements: 3.0 cumulative high school GPA

Number of awards and amounts vary. Students who demonstrate solid high school academic preparation, exceptional leadership qualities, and have shown their commitment to inclusion and equity in their service through support, volunteering, or engagement activities are encouraged to compete for this scholarship.

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