Transfer your military experience as credit

Columbia College recognizes the educational value of military training and experience.

We award academic credit for military training and experience. We'll provide a free unofficial credit evaluation so you have an idea of how many credits you may receive.

Degree mapping programs

We participate in degree mapping programs for all branches of service.

How are transfer credits approved?

We award military transfer credit based on American Council on Education (ACE) credit recommendations. There is no limit to the number of credits Columbia College will award. However, a maximum of 60 non-traditional credits can be applied to each degree program.

Columbia College performs one precursory credit review for each prospective student who is active duty, a Reserve military member, National Guard or a veteran. Email requests to Military dependents are not eligible for this service.

Military equivalencies

We require the Joint Services Transcript (JST) for current and former Army, Navy and Marine Corps, and Coast Guard students.

The Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) transcript is required for current and former Air Force students.

Military equivalencies are determined using ACE credit recommendations. Find our equivalencies in the Transfer Equivalency Portal under American Council on Education. 

Military Experience credit

In addition to training and experience found on the JST and CCAF transcript, we award additional credit for serving in the military. This Military Experience (ME) credit is based on a student's length of service and rank.



  • Less than 1 yr. of service: 4 hours lower-level general elective (ELEC-144)
  • At least 1 yr. of service: 8 hours lower-level general elective credit (ELEC-144)

Warrant Officer

  • 8 hours lower-level general elective credit (ELEC-144) and
  • 12 hours upper-level general elective credit (ELEC-444) — Total: 16 hours

Commissioned Officer

  • 8 hours lower-level general elective credit (ELEC-144) and
  • 12 hours upper-level general elective credit (ELEC-444) — Total 20 hours

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